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I tried signing up for Emazing, to get the daily cat-tip. To make a short story even shorter, the upshot was that Emazing won't let me sign up! After I provide the information they're seeking, I'm told there's an error of some sort and that I should use the "back" button to correct what they perceive as my mistakes.

Sadly, they give no clue as to what the "mistake" or "mistakes" consist of; and since the two password-boxes are hence found empty I figured the password I'd chose was already in use. I tried two other passwords, with similar lack of success.

Can somebody get Emazing to clean up their act? It's not a very user-friendly attitude; and it has dissuaded me from subscribing to Emazing.

Yes, I'm mad.

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These online forms can be tricky...

Have you tried contacting someone at Emazing? I don't actually work for them, I just write the cat tips and get a link back to this site in return.

Would you like me to try and contact someone there for you?
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Yes, thank you, I'd greatly appreciate your contacting Emazing. Mind, it's not the end of the world should I be unable to register with them; but these sign-up deals ought to be easy. Thanks again!

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Mr. Cat;I thought it was just me, or the fact that I use webtv and not an actual computer. I had a lot of trouble registering with emazing also; they kept turning me down for the same reasons that you stated. Reasons that I tried to correct I finally e-mailed them and they said that the problem was that I had not checked enough boxes for junk to receive! All I wated was the Cat Tip and The Trivia Challenge. They sad a minimum of 6 boxes checked would enroll me and then I could unsubscribe to those I did not want. . . . . .RIGHT ! Let me tell you unsubscribing is even a bigger nightmare. I agree. all these places want us to join and then they make it d--n near impossible to get registered. One of the easiest sites to join was The Cat Site. (thank you, Anne)
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As far as I remember I had no trouble signing up just for the cat tips at the time. Maybe they changed something. I've written them and I'll let you know when I get a reply.

Yes, when I set up the registrations to the forums and the cat pages I tried to make them as simple as possible (in the cat pages you do need to go through 3 forms but it's all info that's needed either to create the page or for the search mechanism). I hope I can carry on like this though. Most places that ask you to sign other mailing lists and such are doing so because they're trying to make a few more bucks. And let me tell you that making a buck on the internet is getting harder by the day
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To be honest, I don't even know HOW I began receiving emazing stuff to begin with, but I'll say I get a couple of their mailings besides the cat tip.

Being a horoscope person, I really like theirs. I also get their internet tip, which is quite useful many times. I get some other one called "strange truths". Also I really love that Quote of the Day on all their mailings.

The bottom line here is that I know the form filling-out can be frustrating, and if all they want is to send you a few more things, I say the stuff I get from them is worthwhile. Check a couple of extra boxes. You might like it.
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Well, you're probably correct in asserting some of Emazing's stuff is interesting. The problem with registering (nowadays) is that you're sent back to "try again" without being given so much as a clue as to what you did "wrong" in the first place!

If they'd just be up front about it and state a minimum sign-up requirement on the sign-up page, people like me wouldn't become frustrated. But they don't. Oh, well.

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LOL, well, today's emazing quote of the day was this:
(I swear, they are ALWAYS relevant!)

All I need now is a computer. And a ten year old kid to teach me how to use it.
- Fletch (Chevy Chase) in FLETCH LIVES

I do agree with you and share your frustration. Iwas trying to get an auto insurance quote from Ford online the other day. Luckily for State Farm, I got that same type of error message so many times, I finally gave up before I pitched the computer out a window!
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