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It was Harriets first night last night and whew. I'm exhausted. She would "mmmmrrow" everytime one of us moved and she proceeded to walk across my b/f's face (she weighs 20 lbs). She also woke me up a couple of times "grooming" me and pawing at my arm trying to get me to pet her.

I ignored that behavior b/c I didn't want to reinforce it. That's what I would do if she were a dog but cats are a whole new ball game. I also hissed at her when she persisted. Is that okay?

Also, everytime I leave the room she caterwauls non-stop. Is it possible for cats to Seperation Anxiety? I know at one point she had been adopted and returned to the shelter because "she needs a lot of attention" and I wonder if this is what they're talking about.

If she were a dog this is what I would do: Not re-enter the room until she shuts up or that isn't possible go in and completely ignore her until she shuts up.

I would also ignore her when I come home to teach her that I'm not the center of the universe and that she can learn to be alone and I'd have alone together time where I'm in the house, but not with her.

This is what I did with my dog who had SA and it was pretty successful. (Along with a few other things that don't seem kitty-appropriate, such as a NILIF program)

Anyway, anyone dealt with this and do you think my techniques would be effective? TIA!