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cat attacking my other cat!!!!

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Okay....I may have a problem here, I don't know. Recently, my boyfriend moved out of the city and took with him our two cats to live with him.(I'm going to university, and can't have them on campus). Anyways, he(Noah) was okay in the car ride up there(1 hour drive), and the minute he got out of the cat carrier, he immediately hid under the couch and basically has stayed there since. He will come out every 2 hours or so. That isn't worrying me so much. Last night though, my boyfriend witnessed Noah attack my other cat, Cleopatra while she was sleeping! He did this about 14 times my boyfriend said. And it is NOT play fighting either!! And Cleo is minding her own business when he does this too. Cleo is crying out in pain. So my boyfried put Noah out of the room for the night. Noah meowed for a long time because he wanted inside, but Jeff(bf)knew he'd attack again. So, what is going on here and is Noah ever going to be the same again??? I'm really worried. He and Cleo are such good buddies and I have no idea what to tell Jeff to do!! Please help us!
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Is Noah neutered? Is Cleo spayed? If not, if you get them fixed that will help. if he is neutered, he is expressing his stress about his world being shaken up and moved. These are your cats correct? I believe that is what I am reading into your post. So Noah probably misses you a lot and is experiencing seperation anxiety. Next time boyfriend comes and visits you, give him one of your tee-shirts that you have gotten really sweaty. I mean, wringing wet with your sweat. Put the article of clothing in a sealed baggie to keep the smell intact, and have bf give Noah the shirt once he gets home.

Cats like routine and they can respond to small changes in a big way, and this is a big change for this cat to accept. There are flower remedies out to help him calm down. Rescue Remedy by Bach's will help you can either put a drop or two on his tongue, or in his water bowl.

Just be patient with him, ask bf to pay extra attention to Noah by 20 minutes of interactive playtime, feeding him special treats that kind of thing. Good luck!
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Thank you so much for responding so quickly! I will do the t-shirt suggestion. About the flower remedy: Where do I buy it? At the vet's office??
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You can buy Rescue Remedy at any health food store. I like to put the drops in about a teaspoon of canned food...its a lot easier than putting it in their mouths!

Good luck!
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