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Wedding Hair Help!

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Soooo I'm getting married in less than a month and I don't know what to do with my hair!

I've been growing it out long, just for this event (and now it's the longest I've ever had it!) so I'd like to wear it up.

Thing is, i'm self concious about my ears. They're not the biggest dumbo ears I've ever seen, but they do stick out. My ears, combined with my long face and high forehead, well I just don't know what to do!

Most of the updos I've looked as have the hair really slicked close to the head, which won't do a very good job of softening or hiding my ears.

I've also got pretty straight fine hair, and hate the look of it all hairsprayed and gelled into place. (pluss that starts to hurt afterwhile).

Does anyone have any good sites or books I should go look at? or pictures of your hairstyles?



Forgot to add: dress is a slip/sheath dress, with a very vintage, antique feel. can't pick a decade, but maybe 20s to 50s (what a range, i know!)
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Hey Julia,
Have you looked through the wedding magazines? Also, I recommend visiting with your hairdresser some time before the wedding (bring your veil!) and let her play around with it until you find a style that you know makes you look the most gorgeous!
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I've looked a bit in the wedding magazines, but nothing's really grabbing my eye. There seem to be a lot of slicked back hair with curls piled up on heads! Though I certainly haven't gone through all of them. I probably need to spend some quality time at Barnes and Noble.

I do have an appointment with a hair person next week, and that's why I'm kind of freaking out. I know i need to have at least some sort of idea so that she'll have SOMETHING to work with. I'm afraid I'm a very indecisive bride!

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This is our hair looked. My hair's really thick, and longish so it was kinda "poofy" at the sides and so wasn't too close to my head.

A friend also had a vintage type sheath dress, and her hair is long, and was just smoothed down, and had some sort of funky upside down thing at the back and looked just gorgeous. It was so simple and elegant and just beautiful. I'll see if I can get a photo from her...
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Wow! That looks really beautiful! You're right, it does seem to have more body than most of what I see. And your curls look so natural! Everytime I've had my hair curled, they just use gobs and gobs of gel and hairspray and I end up with helmet head!

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I have a hair picture for you, I'll try to remember to post it tonight!
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I had the hair near my face pulled back, and curled with the rest loose. I really like my hair and spent some time growing it out, so I didn't want it to be stuck in some stupid updo.. A few people who encouraged me to wear it all up came to me after and said they liked the way I had it. This way if you are concious about your ear you can have the hair cover them up just a bit.

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I'm a firm believer in that if you are putting all that effort into growing your hair out for your wedding....wear it down! Here's a pic of mine from our wedding.

Of course if that's not your cup of tea, I loved the updos that my best friend had at my wedding and her own. Don't know what you can tell from these...they're so small, but these are the only ones I have on this computer.

Her hair in the back is a bun that is basically a tumble of curls. If you see anything you like I'm sure I can dredge up more detailed pics.
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Emily - I absolutely LOVE your hair in your wedding photo!
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You might try a Gibson girl, with soft, wispy curls around your face and ears.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Emily - I absolutely LOVE your hair in your wedding photo!
Thanks Kenz!
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Here was my wedding day hair:

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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Here was my wedding day hair:

I love your hair!!
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Everyone looks so beautiful! Thanks so much for all the pictures!

Jenny, I really love your hair, it looks so natural. i don't think that's a good word to describe it. But that's what comes to mind.

I think I'm getting a better idea of what I'd like.

Now, anyone got advice on helping my out of state MOH feel more included in the ongoings?

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Originally Posted by jlutgendorf View Post
Now, anyone got advice on helping my out of state MOH feel more included in the ongoings?

Hmmm....I was out of state for my best friend's wedding a month ago, but there was only two bridesmaids so it was hard NOT to feel included. I did design and make all her jewelry, and was VERY involved in planning and coordinating, but if you're a month away I'm sure most of that is done.

There are always those little last minute things though. I don't know how much you're doing yourself, but we bonded and were "involved" those last few days by putting together centerpieces, window decor, decorating the church together the day before, filling tulle with birdseed, getting manicures together, going shopping for those "last minute details".

Of course, if she's your MOH, she should already feel pretty important, especially if you picked her over people who are in-state.
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Thank you! Glad I could help.
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