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My gorgeous nephew!

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This is my gorgeous nephew Seth They're all back in Australia and I'm over in the US at the moment, so am missing him growing up, which I hate, but photos like this keep me going!

He's a really sweet boy. He's friendly, sociable, amuses himself, never gets upset about things unless he's just really overtired, at which point he happily goes straight to sleep. He just spent a day with my grandparents, and 2 days with my mum while my brother and SIL move house, and he didn't mind that he was away from his mum and dad - he just takes it all in his stride, and thought it was wonderful spending 3 days playing his his nan and great grandparents (and they all thought it was wonderful as well!).

My brother and SIL don't have much money, and my SIL has 2 kids from a previous marriage, but they are such good parents and have done an awesome job raising him - they can't always give the kids everything they want (and we all help out where we can), but they have lots of love and the right amount of discipline. They're due to have they're second child in 10 days and we're all so excited Although, once again I'll miss my new nephew growing up again

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Aww he's adorable!
I definitely see a future heartbreaker there

I know what you mean about missing them grow up.
My nieces and nephews are scattered about the US, and me, being a poor white trash girl, can't afford to see any of them often.

My niece and nephew in Seattle are now in their teens, my niece is now dating, and my great niece and great nephew are in that fun toddler stage in Oklahoma.
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He's an absolute doll!
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He is SO cute Sarah!!!! I bet you are really missing them like crazy! I miss my few that are 3 hours away....I get to see them every other month or so....
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What a cutie patooty!!
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