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Panick - they want my kittens

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Of course this was what we hoped for all the time. Nine cats is to much. But I am not ready and they are not ready. My bottle babies in the signature is social and ready to go but they are my babies and the rest of the bunch are not socialized yet. Tomorrow there is a couple coming to see the kittens and I am trying to talk some sense in to my self. They know that this is feral kittens who has been very ill and have had a lot of treatments which slowed down the socializing process.
I was so sure that no one would be interested when my husband put up a note in the pet store.
I still doubt that they will go for it. They need to be cat-experienced and realize what a project it is to take on a feral kitten. They also need to sign a contract where they agree to have the cat spayed / neutered and that I (or the local cat organisation) will pick the cat up from there home and have it done when it is time. This is all included in the adoption fee. They can not take the kitten with them at once. I deliver the kitten to their home if we agree. I would also prefer if two kittens went together.
But to be honest - I don't want them go at all.
But what if this couple is perfect? If they agree on everything and on top of that would have more time (sine they don't have nine cats) and love to give to these kittens. - More security to offer if something happens since two cats is less expensive than nine.
Then I would just be selfish if I kept them.
But I will miss them so much.
On the other hand - we can afford it as long as not to much happens and if to much happens my parents would help us. They could give another kitty a nice home. The local shelters are over loaded with kittens.
How do I convince my husband that it makes sence to have nine cats? Or should i go some where else tomorrow (I will cry if they deside for one) and leave this to my husband and just learn to live with it.
Little Tosca who just began to spinn when I touch her when she is sleeping. Silas who is so gentle and I can see in his eyes that it is a matter of days before he will let me pet him willingly. And Gypsy who almost lost her eye and might need some extra surgery to take away scar tissue when she is spayed. She is still a wild cat but ate from my hand for the first time yesterday.
What shall i do?
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To be honest, if it was me in your place, I would say keep the kittens. But this couple might be really nice, they might know a lot about cats, and they might offer a great home to one or two of the kittens.
On the other hand it would be nice to have 9 cats, but convincing your husband might be a problem.
Couldn't you say no to them if you thought they weren't suitable to have one of your kittens? Or maybe take the advertisement down?
Try telling your husband all of the positive things about having 9 cats. If you keep mentioning these positive things, he may agree to keep them.
Everyone would get upset if they had to get rid of kittens, I definately know I would. Good Luck!

Sorry this is a bit long, but hope this has helped little

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I know my husband would never ever go for it either!!!!

Go with your gut on this one!! If you feel the least bit weird about it,, then don't let them have the kitty.. If you feel good about it,, then let them have the kitty.. But if you want a rule where two go together,, then stick to your guns!!! Their your babies,, and you are the only one who will protect them!!!

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I have a wonderful husband.
Our kittys doesn't go anywhere if it doesn't feel perfect. I should of had this talk with him a long time ago. Even if he feels they are already costing to much he was almost offended by the fact that I was afraid that he would give then away to someone not good enough and he will leave the judgement to me.
I sure picked the right guy this time.
He even offered me to keep them all if it was to hard for me to give them up if I just promise him not to resue any more of them. If we win a lot of Money I am allowed to open a shelter of my own though.
I will follow your advice and give this couple a chance but i am so relieved that I can say if it doesn't feel ok and no kitty is leaving alone. If they are good enough they have to take two.
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This is a personal decision that you and your huisband shouldmake together. If you want my advice look at it from the kittens point of view. Would they be happier in a house with lots of other cats or with only a few? If this couple is "perfect" would they be happier with them or with you? Only you know your kitties well enough to answer these questions.
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Well i don't have to decide to night. They didn't show up and they haven't called to cancel eighter. I guess they got cold feet or maybe found another kitty and didn't bother to call.
I am not too dissapointed. Tomorrow evening our cat garden will be ready and they will all be here to enjoy it together with me. Today Gypsy ate from my hand again.
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I foster cats, and always want to keep them. But if I do, I can't get another bunch to foster. I currently have 15 cats, so am in no position to tell you not to keep them all...but I will say that with 9 cats you will have some jockeying for alpha, and some spats between the various kitties at times.

And if some are rather feralish, they may do well in another loving home with more attention.

One suggestion I have heard to ensure the adopted spays or neuters is that you drop the kittens at the vet for the surgery, and the new owner pics them up and pays the fee. As long as they are over 8 weeks, and over 2 pounds, it is safe to speuter them!

Best of luck, whatever you decide.
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Thank you for all the support. It is son nice to have a place to turn where I am not concidered to be insane for feeling like this.
We have made the selfish decision to for sure keep my to bottle babies (in the signature) They concider me to be mama. The feral mothers also stay with us. To socialize them will take years and with us they will have years. The three oldest kittens are four month now. We will keep posting them as available and see if the right people comes around and in the meanwhile I spend at least two hours a day playing, hand-feeding and communicating with the cats and they are slowly making progress.
We have decided to go with the flow.
When we adopted Izzy and Zasha from a shelter Izzy was born feral and the lady in the shelter was so supprised I could just walk up to her and pet her since no one could. Izzy and I clicked and I knew that when I saw her alone in the other end of the room. If I see that happen with a potiential adopter to one of our ferals - then it is ment to be and I will not stand in the way.
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo View Post
I foster cats, and always want to keep them. But if I do, I can't get another bunch to foster. I currently have 15 cats, so am in no position to tell you not to keep them all...but I will say that with 9 cats you will have some jockeying for alpha, and some spats between the various kitties at times.

And if some are rather feralish, they may do well in another loving home with more attention.
I agree with this entirely! I have taken in a lot of feral kittens over the years, and always try to adopt some if not all of them. If I didn't, I wouldn't have room to help the next litter that crossed my life.

I take care of 13 cats and while it is mostly harmoneous, there are times when I know they would like to have fewer cats around them. No matter how well you care for them, they will get stressed with that many cats around.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have adopted out more of my cats while young. I love them all, but realized that once they all hit adult-hood, some would have had a better life in a smaller household.

Last thought on feral cats. Cats learn from each other. If all of the cats are feral, some may retain their feral behaviors in spite of anything you do to socialize them. At the humane society, they purposefully split up feral litters so that they don't promote feral behaviors within the litter.
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