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Busy kitty day!

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I'm going to be quite busy at work today, and between that I have to go home and get Lily and taker her to the shelter for her shots between 12-1, then take her home again, come back to work for a bit, then go back home and get Stumpy for her vet appointment at 4:30!

If I take Lily to the vet for the shots it's $80-90, if I take her to the shot clinic at the shelter (which is only on Wednesdays), it's about $20! And I can only get in with Stumpy's favourite vet this afternoon, otherwise I have to wait until next week.

She's got lumpy scabby things on her back which I think are allergy related, and I want to get her in sooner rather than later to get that sorted, so today will just be a little crazy.

I reckon they'll shave part of Stumpy's back where the scabs are, so she could look very funny when she comes home
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Good luck to you and the girls!
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That is a busy day. I hope the vet can determine what is causing Stumpy's scabs. My girls didn't have to be shaved when they had their scabs/scratching/itching so maybe Stumpy won't either. Good luck!
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Phew - no shaving

The vet the girls go to is so wonderful - Stumpy got a full examination. Ears checked, teeth checked, glands and stomach and so forth felt, she put her on the ground to see how she was walking now (3 months since the car accident), and made sure everything else was fine. She gave Stumpy lots of pats and cuddles.

She tried to listen to Stumpys heart, but she was too busy purring away and rolling around. She tried holding Stumpy's nose (which worked last time) and Stumpy was having none of that - she kept on purring. She tried turning a tap on, but Stumpy kept on purring.... She eventually gave up and said she did have a bit of a listen to the heart between purrs, and said if she had a slight murmur she wouldn't have picked it up, but she was fine 3 months so chances were she's fine

As for the skin - she said allergies would be the cause. She said flea allergies were the most likely cause, but used the flea comb and couldn't find any fleas or flea dirt on her, and Stumpy had some fleas when we first got her and didn't get this rashy thing, so it's possibly airborne allergies.

We have steroids to give her for the next few days, and will Advantage her every 2 weeks for a few weeks just to be sure, and hopefully that will clear it up. If not, they can do food allergy testing.
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Sounds as though Stumpy got a good checkup today. Steroids solved the problem for Torty and my Stumpy when they had allergies. It was a seasonal thing so they were only on the steriods for about three months. I hope it's the same for your Stumpy.
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