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Its been one year...

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One year ago, today, I met Bill. After the betrayal and desertion, by my ex, I was a basket case. My brother, Mike, kept bugging me to meet "this guy from work", who he called Billy Bob.

I resisted, thinking that any friend of Mike's must be like him - an ignorant, beer-swilling horndog.

Finally, I agreed to talk to him - on the phone. To my surprise, "Billy Bob" was articulate and sounded sober. It turns out, that he'd been badly burned and was just as hesitant about meeting me. We agreed that lunch seemed to be a safe way to get acquainted and meeting in a neutral place gave us each a graceful out.

Lunch lasted about two hours. Actually "lunch" has lasted, for a whole year. We've bought a house and furniture, adopted the cats and Ike. We've had our dust-ups but worked them out.

He's accomodated to my crazy work schedule and emergency runs, to the hospital, for my parents. Bill will do, anything for my parents or my son. He holds me, when I cry, rubs my back and feet and cooks breakfast, when I'm home on weekends. I'm so glad that I overcame my initial reservations, about "Billy Bob".

P.S. We're going shopping, for an engagement ring, tomorrow.
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Sometimes it's true you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. I love to hear stories like yours and Bill's. I wish you a long and happy life together. I found my prince standing right in front of me. He was my best friend and had been there all along. I'm just glad he was still interested when I finally came to my senses!
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Congrats on your 1 year with Bill! He sounds like a really nice guy Congrats on picking an engagement ring tomorrow, too!
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What a sweet story. Congrats on finding you soul mate cindy!
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Thanks, all. It'll be while, before we can get married (if ever).

At this point, I'll lose my VA widow's pension, again. There's legislation, moving through the House of Representatives, to allow widows to remarry, after age 65 and keep their DIC. A companion bill is going through the Senate, to make it age 55. Either way, it will be, at least 10 1/2 years. In the meantime, we FEEL like we're married. Bill has the papers all drawn up, to protect me, just in case.

If that darned Powerball ticket had paid off, we'd have flown to Vegas and done it, today!
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So, you would have to wait 10 years to get married, in order to keep your widow's pension? That sounds crazy You & Bill sound very happy together

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It is great how time passes so quickly when we are with the ones we love. I hope that the next '50' years brings you all the happiness in the world!
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Congratulations on one year, and on shopping for that ring! It is great to hear stories like yours. It really is nuts what the government will do to keep their money. Oh, and we are waiting for that big Powerball payoff, too!
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Congratulations Cindy on the engagement. I love to hear stories like yours that are filled with such happiness. I wish you many happy years to come.

Saturday is hubby's and my 1 year anniversary. I can't believe that we've been married already for a year! It sure doesn't seem like it.
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We found the perfect ring! I knew that I wanted a vintage piece and checked out an antique jewelry website, here in Tucson.

I got an 1880s, 13-carat amethyst, set in rose gold. The stone is carved and embellished with 14K gold roses, with a rose-cut diamond, in each rose. As soon as it is sized, I can pick it up, on Thursday.

A one-of-a-kind ring, for one-of-a-kind me!
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Sounds very nice! Post pics of it if you can!
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The important thing is that you have each other. The engagement ring symbolizes the committment you've made to each other, regardless of what can happen practically.

One of my very close friends is in a situation similar to yours. She and her soul mate are together. She was very badly burned by her ex, even as far as losing custody of her kids. She has steadfastly refused to get married, because then the creep gets out of paying her alimony. But she is still very happy now. It's the quality of the relationship, not the piece of paper that counts.
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Congratulations on the engagement!!! The ring sounds beautiful!!!
Bill sure sounds like an awesome guy!!! I wish there were more men like that in this world!!!
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It is great to hear that you are so happy. I hope that the 2 of you continue to grow in love together! Congrats on the engagement!
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