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Rattlesnake safety

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I wanted to mention this to those of us with dogs because I had no clue it existed.
My boss's dog was bitten twice in the face by a rattlesnake this weekend. She had to have anti-venom injections, needed to be given plasma, and had been on an iv since Sunday afternoon. She seems to be out of the woods and is recovering at this point, but it was a rough fight It truly is a miracle that she is still here.

The vet made mention of a vaccine that is available to protect dogs against rattlesnake venom. The information for it is found here:


I haven't researched too far into it, but for those of you who have problems with rattlesnakes around your property it may definitely be something to discuss with your vet. Rattlesnake bites are serious, and the treatment is VERY expensive. The anti-venom shots can cost up to $1000, and their dog needed 2. We don't have a problem with rattlesnakes where we live, but my boss has killed a few on his property in the past and is planning to have both of his dogs vaccinated.
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I have never heard about the vaccine. We don't have a problem here but it is good information to know.
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Wow, thanks for posting. I've never heard of this either, but it's quite interesting. My dog buddies in the Southwest will be glad to know this is in the works.
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I have seen one in my yard once... and seen them in other people's yards also.
That's one of the things that suck about living in florida Squirtle... Snakes are everywhere
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