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a bit of advice

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hello i just wanted a bit of advice i have wrote on hear before but it was a long time ago when i was having problems with my cat nush.

well im writting today because im going on holiday in novenber to america for two weeks its the first holiday i will have been on since i got nush, now the thing is my mum said she would look after her at her house for two weeks im just woundering will she be ok she knows my mum a little bit and i would feel better for my mum to look after her than a stranger. i have stayed at my mums a few months ago with nush when my boyfriend was in hospital and she was fine it took her a few days to come round but i didnt have any problems with her. if i could have my way i would not go on holiday but my boyfriend has been wanting to go to america for a few years and now we have the money to go we want to go.

is there any advice or tips on how to help nush settle in so my mum dont have any problems?

any advice would be great im gonna miss nush like mad when i go but i dont want to be worrieing all of the two weeks as well i want to no she will be ok.

thanks alot

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IMO--I'd probably start trying to take Nush over to your mom's house a little closer to you leaving on holiday. Either that or start off slower and have your mom come over and play with Nush more often, and then slowly integrate her into going to your mom's for a trip for a few hours. Make sure before you leave that you spend plenty of time showing her food dish and litter box area,, and Nush should be fine. It'll take a few days for Nush to get use to your absense, but as long as your mom takes her time with Nush,, they should be fine......

Have fun and enjoy,, where exactly are you coming to in America??

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we are going to orlando staying on international drive we have always wanted to go there as it looks out of this world on the tv and internet.
thank you so much for the advice i will do this coming up to the holiday, do you think she will settle in ok once i have left her as i dont want her to stop eating or getting i know it sound daft but getting upset cos im not there.
i tell you im wishing the weeks away so i can get there and get home.

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I'd leave a piece of your clothing (preferably unwashed) for her at your mom's house while you are away so she can smell you.
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