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A little compromising!

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This morning, Tibby has been in the most loving mood!

As I finished drying myself after my shower, Tibby was showering me with kisses and head butts! Looking lovingly into my eyes, he makes a leap onto my back!

There I am standing, in the nude, with him on my back! He refuses to budge and keeps begging for rubs and scritches!

So I manage to walk bent over to my room where I can sit and give him somewhere to sit! Nope, he still won't move! So after ten minutes of sitting strangely, he finally decides to move!

Good job I was home alone!

Have your cats every had you in a compromising position?!
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Sarah that's so funny Actually Sophies my back climber, and i've seen me bent over but just to turn around in the spot i'm standing to let her jump off onto something.

Awwww Tibby just wanted a piggy back that's all
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He could have chosen a better time - like once I got dressed!

I can just imagine you bent over looking for a counter or something for Sophie to jump onto!

Can you imagine what the neighbours would think?
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Ouch!! Nismo does that too and if I have a thin t-shirt on, or no top I get covered in scratches!
Once I came home from the gym and needed something to eat, so I knelt down onto the kitchen floor to get some cereal from the cupboard and she jumped onto my back. Because I was bent over to far, she lay down quite far down my back, so obviously if I were to stand up she would fall off.
Everytime I moved in the slightest she dug her claws right in. I crawled into the livingroom and knealt beside the sofa and tried to tip her off. No budging.
After about 10 mins I had to take a deep breath, grit my teeth and stand up so she had no choice but to jump onto the sofa, not after putting a good fight though and clinging to my skin and vest. I was covered in scratches. Oh bless her
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That must have hurt a bit. Still I can't help giggling when I picture it.
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I went to the shelter to adopt a kitty, and was reaching in to the cage to look at a little gray kitten at the very back. I leaned in, and the tiniest of the bunch, an orange tabby boy, ran up my back and down my arm, perching right in the center of my back where I cannot reach him. I can't shake him off, he might fall and get hurt, and he will not budge. The only thing I can think of to do is pull my shirt up a little at a time and see if he will move, or get to a place where I can reach him. I started pulling my shirt up, praying that none of the shelter workers would come in and think I am doing something weird with their kittens. I finally got hold of him, with my shirt around my neck and turned around, then he dug his claws in and began screaming when I tried to put him back. He went home with me.
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I can just picture you trying to stay subtle, slipping your t-shirt up!

What can you say though, it's the best way to get a home!
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Boy am I glad that Loki never every has the inclination for a piggy back ride!!!

Talk about compromising - Loki is one of this kitties that goes to the Loo with you. So, when your pants are down and you are sitting on the loo with your undies around your ancles he is right there with you cheering you on!! Oh, and he gets mighty upset when I have guests and they close the bathroom door on him preventing him to do his job!!!
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