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1 ml = 1 cc It takes 5 ml or 5 cc to equal a teaspoon.

With an URI, the kitten has to breathe through their mouth and drink, so be sure to give her time for a couple of breaths between each drink. I would expect you could try to get 5 cc at each feeding, maybe more. It's a case of the more she drinks, the more energy she will get and the more she wil want to drink.
I honestly have no idea what her stomach capacity is though.
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Poor little thing. She made it through the night and her cleaning herself is a good sign. Very encouraging. She could have some terrible worms and she is struggling with the die off.
I would do the garlic and onion free baby food. It is gentle and full of hydrating water.
Vibes and prayers coming your way.
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So do you all think I should be giving her the wormer then? I am supposed to be dosing her every day with .25ml. I have done this every day, except for yesterday because she was doing so badly and I was thinking the wormer was making things harder for her....

Do you think I should resume the dosing... or wait for a few days? What about the canned pumpkin? Is it a good idea for me to continue with that? Honestly, the vet said 1/8 teasp per day, but I have been giving her a whole lot more. I guess I was just desperate to get something to stay inside of her tummy, but I hope I didn't overdo it....

thanks for all the help to this ignorant newbie!
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I posted some new pictures of the baby on my blog today... if anyone is interested. She is weak, but able to sit up... and she is such a pretty little thing!
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Your blog is truly beautiful and I am sending tons and tons of prayers and vibes out to little Anne and her lovely family
You might try putting some electrolyte replacement (such as unflavored Pedialyte) in her formula - sometimes full strength KMR can increase the diarrhea.
Last year, my vet had me switch to chicken broth/plain pedialyte and then a tiny drop of mint Imodium AD. It worked and then I graduated them to boiled chicken with rice gruel and we gave them a month before worming. Maybe you could ask another vet for a second opinion, maybe someone at a big city shelter could recommend who to call
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My monsters just got wormed, the vet said almost ALL kittens have them. I guess I was in de-nile river. Anyway my kittens are 6 months old now and fat & sassy as ever. Vet did a full check up, and everyone is good except for the worms. Now it is nap time and all are sleeping.
I would wait for a couple weeks at least.
My 2 pennys!
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Good news about our little girlie She is ever so much better this morning. I followed the advice to dilute the KMR with electrolyte solution and she seems to be tolerating it a bit better, still very wet stools though. I think I will get some of the chicken baby food and some immodium when we go out today. She is so so so thin- her little pelvis is just bones But she is eating, yay! This morning she sipped a bit of the formula mixture from a saucer, then about an hour later I fed her with the syringe. She just couldn't get enough, lol... took about 12 cc's if you can believe it! I think she might have taken more, but I was afraid her little tummy was going to explode!

She also is completely over her "wild ways" and is such a snuggler now She'll do her best to follow me from room to room and then place herself right on top of my feet. She is such a love bug!

Oh, and thanks so much for the warm words about my blog... it's small, but I do have fun with it

One more question if you all don't mind... I haven't given her the wormer for the last couple of days, should I resume it as she does better, or just wait for a few more weeks before attempting it again? I'd really appreciate your thoughts... I hate to go against what the vet suggested, but my own intuition (or whatever) makes me very hesitant to give it to her again
Anyway, thanks so very much for all of your thoughts and advice. Without it I would surely have lost this baby!
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Hi there! Just found this new/old thread, lol. So glad to hear your baby is doing better! I wish I could offer you advice about the wormer but I have never raised such a little one so I will leave that to those with experience in such matters. Just wanted to offer you some happy for you and the little one on continued improvement!
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what kind of worms does she have?
when i took in Firefox the vet wormed her... but she got a shot @ the vet's. i didn't have to administer any daily worming meds...
she was about 4 weeks old at the time. here's a link to her story & pix!
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She does need her strength so I would give her some time off to get stronger and get some nutrients in her system.
I am for getting a second opinion. It seems like a lot of deworming. I gave mine one dose and then a second dose 2 weeks later and that was it. Why so much medicine? Was she riddled with them? Maybe there is an easier way to do this.
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Sending prayers that your post are all about nothing but wonderful improvements
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WEll, honestly I don't know what kinds of worms she had... or even if she had any at all. The vet wasn't able to get a stool sample, so she was just going on the assumption that she had worms, I think. Anne did have diarrhea when we brought her in, but it wasn't so terrible like it has been. She gave her the one dose in the office with another dose of that same med to be given in 10 days. Then another med that I was to begin giving her at home.. a larger dose at first and then a smaller dose every day until it was gone. It was this second med that I've stopped giving her. And the day I stopped giving it to her was the day she began improving. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I am so very hesitant to give it to her- I don't know if she would survive another bout of illness For what its worth we haven't seen a hint of worms being eliminated so far, although I know that some of the worst ones can't be seen.

Like I said before, she still has the diarrhea, which is very troubling to me. I bought some of the mint Immodium and have given her a tiny smidge of that today, and have been feeding her the KMR diluted with electrolyte solution. I also bought some chicken baby food and thought I'd try her with some of that tonight before bed in hopes that it will stick with her overnight a bit. Her appetite is fantastic though now, which makes me very happy and she's up and walking around the house and porch... taking lots of rests as she is still very weak, but still a good sign I think
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Chicken baby food may make her RUNNYER then before, be very careful. It is rich!!!
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Originally Posted by wingss2fly View Post
Chicken baby food may make her RUNNYER then before, be very careful. It is rich!!!
add some of the pumpkin to it.
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Thanks for the tips... it never would have occurred to me that the chicken would have made her stools looser I just followed your suggestion and gave her a couple of ml of the pumpkin. I am really feeling desperate to help her with this diarrhea- it's so messy and her poor little bottom is so sore and red

Praying that she has a good night... she'll be sleeping in with my 17yo daughter. Hope they don't keep each other awake
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i've read that Desitin [or similar] can help w/kitty 'diaper rash', btw.
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Right now I would follow your instinct and stop the second med at least until she can keep something down and get hydrated.
You are doing a great job by the way. She would not have made it if it had not been for your TLC and attention.
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awww.... thanks so much! Your encouragement means a lot, it really does

She is getting brighter and perkier bit by bit every day, but still we have the diarrhea I went to the pet store and got KMR (what I had before was a kitten replacement formula made by a company called "Just Born" from Walmart) The KMR seems to be a higher quality than the other formula, so I'm hoping this might help a bit, and I also got some canned kitten food, for when she seems ready. And I got some wheat kitty litter as I was afraid she would ingest some of the clay litter. I also got a very gentle shampoo to clean her up as her little bottom and legs had gotten quite soiled. She did NOT like the bath one single bit! But I think she's more comfy now she's clean

Hoping for a nice restful night for all of us....
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i used the just born for Firefox... not sure if she was older than your little one, tho - i think she was around 4-6 weeks?
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Anne was getting sick on the Just Born... now it may have been her own issues, goodness knows she has issues! In fact it most likely has nothing to do with the Just Born formula, but at this point I'm willing to try anything to get rid of this diarrhea! So that's why I opted to try for the KMR (btw, when I said I was using KMR in the earlier threads, I was mistaken. I thought that KMR was just the name for any kitten formula regardless of brand, actually I was using the Just Born, sorry for any confusion)

Oh, my! what a night we had! She sleeps in a plastic pet carrier like this:

She has been bumping her nose on the plastic gridding across the top of the basket and doing a number on herself. In an attempt to try and solve this problem I placed a layer of fleece under the gridding. Well, she never made a peep all night (either my dd or I keep the basket right next to our bed, so we can hear her and tend to her if she needs us during the night) Anyway, not a sound all night, but in the morning I find her all cuddled up, cozy as could be inside that fleece layer, kind of like a hammock! Well, she was comfy, but she was also caked in diarrhea! ewwww.... so she had a bath first thing, which she hated of course. I still have an hour of sleep time left, so I'll take her back into bed with me to keep her cozy-warm until she's completely dried out.

WE are heading out of town for one night over the weekend and I have yet to find anyone to take care of her for that one night. There are several people who would be very sweet and agree to take her, but I think most anyone I know would think I was ridiculous in the level of care we are giving this we one. I don't know if I could trust them to do what she needs. At this point she is still so fragile that she could have a huge setback if someone doesn't care for her properly, KWIM? I hope I don't sound paranoid or weird or anything, lol! Your prayers are appreciated!
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I have special prayers for our strugglers. Anne is in them. Growing up in the Catholic church we used to light candles or go to a special prayer service to group pray for our members or their loved ones. It really helped. I am not Catholic anymore but I still like that concept. We do it here and hope it helps. So Anne gets an extra mention today. I am rooting for her.
I absolutely understand about being devoted to their well being.
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I would let the person you trust the most of your friends take charge of her while you are away. Just explain the level of care she needs in detail, graphic if necessary.The person needs to know what they are taking on and if they are properly able to deal with anything that may happen, especially over a busy holiday time. If they are truely your friend they will uderstand and take care of her, if able to.
It does not make you in the least ridiculous, the level of care you are giving this young one, it makes you a very loving person that cares deeply for other beings that share this planet with us. There is nothing wrong with that, just the opposite, the world should be filled with more people such as yourself.
Your Anne has my prayers as well, I will keep her in my heart and send her many positive thoughts until you return and give us (I hope, no, I know) more positive new updates. You never know, your kitty nanny may fall in love with her as you have and a custody battle may break out!
For all
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Thanks for not thinking I'm ridiculous It means a lot, it really does!
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Oh, I just thought of a question I had for you all! I noticed the other day when I was bathing Anne, that she still had part of her umbilical cord attached. You can't see it normally as it is hidden by her fur. It's dried and black and about 1/2 inch long. This just seemed a bit odd to me, but I don't know maybe it's not that unusual? What do you guys think?
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Originally Posted by persuaded View Post
Thanks for not thinking I'm ridiculous It means a lot, it really does!
come on, now - we're all just like you!
Originally Posted by persuaded View Post
Oh, I just thought of a question I had for you all! I noticed the other day when I was bathing Anne, that she still had part of her umbilical cord attached. You can't see it normally as it is hidden by her fur. It's dried and black and about 1/2 inch long. This just seemed a bit odd to me, but I don't know maybe it's not that unusual? What do you guys think?
i think it'll fall off on its own...
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Direeah in kittens isn't always surprising. Esp. at that young age not having Mom's milk to nurture her as her digestive track gets up to speed things should improve. I am NOT sure you should give immodium. Seems that I read something regarding not using either Peptobismol or Immodium as they could be harmful and whatyou reallly want are ones that have clay in them??
You should ask a VET to clarify BEFORE you try that remedy.

Lastly, the worms can cause dirreah but likely other things can too.

I had a kitten of 16 wks with a distemper shot aboard who came to me from foster with dirreah that was SO severe she need subcutaneous IV fluids (2x) to hydrate through it.

She got better, and the vet never could tell what she had. My guess was a TORO virus (like Norwalk virus in humans) or a Calci virius. What ever it was,
she had dirreah persistent for almost 6 wks, after which NADA! Now she occassionally has it, its intermittent, and the vet thinks she had/has

We tried pretty much everything with her too. Be patient, don't feed too much despite desire to do so, and make sure you follow the bland diet rule. Easy to digest, not too rich, plenty hydration and a smidge of benbac (beneficial bacteria for the GI sold with packages of KMR at the pet stores or via your vet.)...

Any anti bios you give could cause her to have more dirreah too, so be
aware of that if you are giving her any antibios.

She is so lucky to have come to you. You are not crazy, I'd be carting
the doll around with me like a human baby too!!
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Sounds like the little one is a fighter. You might try adding a little baby rice cereal to her formula. It worked wonders on my 3wkers. I think I used a tbsp to every 8 oz. I used the powder and made batches cause I had 3 babies at the same time. Seemed I was always feeding one of them. Also, when they got older I used to mix in a little yogurt into their food. This seemed to help their diarea and digestive issues. For them I used the plain yogurt, but my older cats love the strawberry banana and the peach flavors. Weird I know but always worked when they were under the weather. Still can't eat my own without 8 pairs of eyes hoping for leftovers. lol Good luck
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If you can get some cat digestive enzymes those can be fabulous. Lucia had terrible diarrhea. I switched her to raw food and enzymes and she all good now. I am not saying to do the raw thing because it takes research and you have to be into that but enzymes would help her process her food better. This stuff is all new to her delicate tummy.
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Well, I wanted to let you all know how absolutely great Anne is doing!

She fared well during our absence. We decided to leave her here at the house all cozied up in the guest bathroom, and have a friend come over to the house periodically to check on her, feed her etc. I was quite worried about leaving her like that, but in the end it seemed like it would be the least stress on her. She did very well, even though she was reportedly in no mood for cuddling when her visitor was at the house. She was very happy to see us when we got home though, and seemed fatter and fitter just over that one and a half days.

At this point her diarrhea has cleared up, HOORAY! I am transitioning her off of the special formula mix I have been using and onto soft kitten food. Her little tummy is so plump and round (and adorable, I might add) Some minor problems remain.. I think they are kind of part of the healing process. For example, she has lost some of the hair from her bottom and her back legs, I think that's because she was so sore and swollen from the diarrhea. Does that make sense? Her little nose is still scraped up, but it's definitely healing!

Thanks for all the warm words and advice... I'll post some more pictures soon!
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SO glad to head she did well!!!!!!
And most definatly post some pics! Chubby kitten belly pics!
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