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27 YO cat needs help with food suggestions

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Hi everyone....

I was wondering if any of you have any food suggestions for my dear old cat. He is 27 and will turn 28 on Feb 10th, 2007. He is having trouble eating anything hard as his teeth are quite bad. The thing is, he is way too old to be put under to help his teeth, I am afraid his old heart wont take to the anesthetic. I noticed today that Bootsauce is getting a bit skinny. I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on what to feed him that will help him put on some weight. He is healthy besides his teeth. He still chases birds and kills the odd one and the odd bunny and chews on them a bit *yuck* but I am a little worried that he is not getting enough in his diet. He has given up on kibble all together and I have been giving him a tin of Iams soft Turkey dinner (chunks) a day ( he is picky on canned food too but seems to like Turkey) . Is there anything I can add, or is there a good food out there that would be good to feed a finiky cat with 27 YO teeth.

Thank you for any suggestions,

Nan and Boo
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Wow! 27- that is an awesome life for a kitty . I suggest you keep giving your kitty soft food or baby food (Gerber stage two- chicken & chicken gravey, beef & gravey or turkey & turkey gravey are the two i recommend- ham sometimes results in an upset tummy)so that it is easier for him to chew. Also- be sure to slowly adjust you cats food over time so that it will not develop an upset stomach. I highly recommend you go to your petstore and purchase a kitty toothbrush and kitty toothpaste- brush his teeth daily- that will help reduce buildup and keep his teeth healthy. I would also talk to your vet and find out what he or she recommends as far as senior soft foods go
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You could try baby food.They have Chicken,Turkey and Beef flavors.I think its wonderfull your cat has lived for this many years!
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I was thinking baby food as well. If you do get them, be sure they do not contain onion or garlic, as those ingredients are toxic to cats. However, they do make baby food that is purely meat...
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Wow 27 years!!!! That is amazing!!
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Suppliment with baby food definitely you could also ask your vet for some Nutrical.
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27 year old kitty! Amazing! What a gift and you must have a wonderful home too!
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I would GO SEE YOUR VET .... wt loss can be a sign of common "older " kitty illnesses ... I do find wet food and baby food helpful , my 18 yr old is getting raw and canned ...
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I'll leave the food recommendations to others. I just wanted to say congratulations on your lovely long time with this sweetie. 27 is awesome.
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Wow 27!!! Amazing! Can you please post a picture! Your cat might hit the guiness book on that one! But I would love to see what he looks like!
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What an amazing achievment.

I saw a fine looking 14 year old cat at a vet's. He looked like a kitten and had lovely white teeth. When I asked his owner what he ate, she said 'kitten food'. Baby food won't have taurine or other cat-specific supplements, but kitten food will. You might try the 'cat milk supplement' or other food for young kittens.
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27 years

well you have lots of advice on the food front, so wishing you good luck with that !

Also welcome to TCS its great here, as you can see lots of help, support and friendship.......and we have a bit of fun now and then
Once you get settled into the site, please post some photos
we´d all love to see your special Boo !!
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i am really curious as well as many others to know what you've fed him during the years. could you please tell us.

maybe there is a 'secret' recipe
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WOW! You must have taken really good care of him over his lifetime. I, too, would love to see a pic of your dear old fellow.
The last pic on the right on my siggy is my Fred, and he lived to be 18.
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