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moving across the country! help!

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Hi everyone. My husband and i will be moving across the country due to a job transfer. We have four cats and I am really stressing out about to transport them. How do I get them there? I refuse to drug them and put them in the cargo hold of an airplane!! I cannot do it! The only option I have come up with is renting a van/suv to drive them there. Does anyone have experience with moving with their cats? The move isn't for months, but my husband and I are already butting heads! Rupert, Clementine, Sophie and Baxter thank you in advance.
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If you get them used to short trips now, they will be better prepared for a long trip later. If you get them used to the carriers they will travel well. When you move, you should locate pet-friendly motels beforehand. The cats can probably sleep for hours in the carriers if they trust you, and know that they are safe there.
I do not know how one would have a 'pit stop' or bathroom break for a cat. What about going to a local vet or shelter in the town you are passing through and asking if the cat might use a litterbox in their boarding/recovery area? It's worth a try anyway. I can't say if it works since I have never done it.

There are also professional companies that ship pets in comfort (for a fee.) I plan to use one should I relocate.

Good luck. And congratulations for taking your cats, and taking care of them during a long move.
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One option which may work if you are driving a larger vehicle would be to transport the cats in crates large enough to fit a litterbox and some of their things. That way you wouldn't have to worry about someone getting loose by accident or stressing them if they didn't want to get in/out of the carrier. If you have to drive straight there with few stops this works well because the cats have everything they need and some room to stretch so they are pretty comfortable.

This is also nice if you are staying at a hotel and have to leave the room for food so the cats can be safely confined without having to worry about housekeeping accidently letting someone out. (Don't forget the Do Not Disturb Sign!)

Don't stress yourself out about it too much because with careful planning your trip will likely go smoothly. When we moved our 15 cats last fall I thought it would be a nightmare (including two sick kitties and small animals on meds had me stressed enough!), yet they were very quiet most of the way and adjusted wonderfully to our new home. It probably was the least stressful part of our move!
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you could also think about training them on a harness and leash, so that when you stop for pit stops they can get out and walk around a bit (in a safe area). That could also be the chance to put down a litter box and some water for them.
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If traveling time is more then 6-8 hrs (10 max) you should fly them and have someone there to pick them up immediately. DO NOT SEDATE THEM AT ANY TIME. There is no need for sedation - I've flown to cat shows with my cats and also shipped them to new owners. None were sedated and all were fine.

If you travel by car/van, how often do you plan on stopping and sleeping over? You can take the cats that way and spend the nite in a hotel. But again, no need for sedated cats - just cover the carriers and they will sleep most of the time. Use separate carriers for traveling.
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Dear Goldenkitty, when you shipped a cat or kitten, was there a recommended carrier? And is there a change now that the airlines don't allow carry ons? Can you still travel with a pet?
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The standard hard sided carrier (VeriKennel) is used in shipping. Yes there is a charge for that in cargo - check with the airline.

As far as carry on's it should be ok if its a cat - still has to be checked thru the scanner (you take the cat out first). Again, check with airlines on that part and if you need proof of vaccines too. I haven't flown with the cat for over 10 yrs, but there shouldn't be a problem.

People still show cats across country and I'm sure they are not all sitting in cargo!
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