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Cuban Tree Frogs...

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My mom found one at work today and brought it home for my boys... Does anyone know anything about them? She is getting a cage for it and keeping it at her house for the kids cuz my furkids will terrorize it
She said when she put it in a box and it was a pale gray and when she opened the box to give it some crickets he was a bright vivid green! I'm looking up some things on the internet and finding some info but wanted to know if anyone has experience with them..
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Wow that looks like the one I had on my garage door tonight...

And man, do they ever bark! And LOUD!

But if your boys want more... I think I have a whole field of them in the lot next door
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I'm learning all sorts of froggy facts tonight! lol. I'm glad your mom rescued the little guy!
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We have tree frogs here in Wisconsin too!! I've seen one that turned bright blue. I agree they are loud. I think they eat crickets-but in that is the case they are not doing a good job as I have a zillion crickets!!
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She said that thing croaked ALL night long!
She went and got him an aquarium and all the things for him. She's keeping it at HER house...thank god
I guess she went to the pet store and they told her they are pretty good little pets. Especially for kids.
When I told the boys about it last night, they FLIPPED out.. Wanting to go right then and there to see it... not at 10pm
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