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To breeders and pet owners of Siberian cats.

I am finalizing work isolating the specific ancestors that introduced HCM in the Siberian breed. If you have information, or if you have a Siberian cat that has been diagnosed or died from HCM, please send the information to me you for use in this study.

After close to 300 hours of pedigree analysis, I have confirmed that two ancestors are responsible for all known HCM cases. More data would be helpful in isolating specific ancestors in the lines. This is the last call for more cases before I submit the survey to Dr. Lyons.

Dr. Leslie Lyons at UC Davis has agreed to review the pedigree analysis and HCM records this fall. The current list contains 30 cases of abnormal heart records and deaths. Out of these, 18 have sent confirmation of HCM diagnosis with accompanying echocardiogram or autopsy report.

Once the survey has been reviewed by Dr. Lyons, if the analysis has proved valid, I will publish data which should help breeders intelligently choose which lines to bring into their breeding programs to reduce HCM. .

All correspondence will be kept confidential unless otherwise noted. Please send information directly

Tom Lundberg