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Can you say "Anger Management"?

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Some people are just plain too high strung. This was a game between 13 year olds. There were referrees and they called the penalty. Besides, this is certainly NOT a good reason for a 36 year old man to charge in and deck another 13 year old! Seriously, what is WRONG with parents these days?!?!?
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This reminds me of the guy who pummelled that poor 16 year old girl when she had a minor collision with his daughter on the ski slope. It is sad when the adults don't act like adults.
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There is Never an excuse for such horrible behavior! What kind of example is that to children??? Some people need to think before they act!
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What is sad is this reminds me of my BIL, he has my nephew in every sport under the sun, and screams at every game. DH and I have stopped going because of his behavior.
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Oh good grief! Did I read that correctly? I thought it said parents from BOTH teams were out there fighting! Good grief!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Oh good grief! Did I read that correctly? I thought it said parents from BOTH teams were out there fighting! Good grief!
Yes, after the assistant "coach"/parent blindsided a 13 year old kid, other parents and the rest of the kids all got into a 20 minute brawl. Yeah, that's really showing the kids proper etiquette.
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This is just another fine example of a *parent* trying to live their lives THROUGH a child. My wife and I coached girls softball from the time that both of our girls were 6 years old up through their high school years. I can tell you from personal experience that there are very few, if any problems with the children themselves. The problems come from the parents and sometimes even the grandparents. It is sad, and a very poor example for a *supposed adult* to take something so personal as to behave in this manner.......let alone the brawl that broke out afterwards. Sports are supposed to be FUN for children, they should participate because THEY want to.....and NOT because their parents want them to someday become professionals. We supported our daughters all the way through their sports years.....whether they performed well that particular day or I said, it is for the children to have FUN.....and win or lose, it isn't any bad reflection on the children or the PARENTS.......take a chill pill....or better yet, if you can't say something good about the kids and the game....stay home.

Winter Hawk
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What I find particular horrible about these incidents is that it is the parents' job to guide their children in life - to train them with skills to handle all sorts of adversity. like this does the child no good. How is the child going to handle situations where he doesn't get his way in the real world?
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It makes me glad I was never enrolled in team sports. One seldom sees this sort of thing at piano recitals ...
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Originally Posted by Mirinae View Post
It makes me glad I was never enrolled in team sports. One seldom sees this sort of thing at piano recitals ...
I can see the sequins flying!

WinterHawk - amen! Some parents can't get it into their pea brains that the kids should be having fun learning a sport and playing it. Cheer for your child and their team and offer encouragement if they lose.
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Parents like that, are the main reason that I didn't want Mark in youth sports. He DID play Little League baseball, one summer but gave it up, for guitars and drums.
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I honestly believe parents should not be permitted to attend the games. Drop the children off - go for a coffee or something and pick the kids up after the game. Less stress for the kids, the coach and the parents.

These particular parents should be banned from any future games IMO.
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I have played several different sports, and honestly I would have been heartbroken if my parents couldn't come. It was one of the few times they actually acted proud of me (yes, that may be a whole different problem, but).

My father got a yellow card at a soccer game once for cursing at the coach. Then again, my coach one year got kicked out of the game for threatening the referee. My mom kept a close reign on my dad at the games after that, and the coach calmed down. For the most part, parents just come cheer on their kids, and though sometimes a few of them get out of hand, that is their problem and they shouldn't ruin it for everyone. I do think people should be banned from coming, just like fans are banned from sports events for doing similar things, but parents coming to the games is a pretty important part of life in suburbia.

I do agree that the focus should be on having fun, enjoying the outdoors, and what have you, and not on winning. I've had coaches in various sports that were so focused on winning they flipped out all the time, and coaches in various sports who put everyone in for equal time, in all the positions, because they wanted everyone to have fun and nobody to sit on the sidelines the whole game.

Kids should play sports. If you want to avoid the craziness of the team sport competition, have them try gymnastics or swimming or tennis or golf instead of football and soccer. I never broke anyone's bones in my years on swim team, but I broke an ankle and a nose playing soccer (other people's).
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Zisssou's Mom.......
I'm with YOU, when I was a child and baseball was the love of my life my parents were always working and never got to attend many (if any) of my games. This really bothered me, while not being a *professional* by any means just occasionally I did something very right.......and you know what, THEY weren't there to see......and you are right, it is disheartening. When we got married and had children of our own I made the solemn vow to NEVER miss ANY activity that my children were involved in.......and with the exception of a VERY FEW *circumstances beyond my control*......I didn't. It is very important for children to participate in activities that they have an interest in. We never *pushed* our children into things that they had no interest in......but we did support them in every way possible in the ones they chose to do. Parents should support their children and praise them for what they do right......not pull them to the side (sometimes during the game, between innings) and chew on them for not doing something right. There is an old saying that goes something like this, It takes only one "OH S**T to wipe out one thousand "Atta Boys". The children will learn to hate an activity that involves more humility and emotional pain than pleasure. I just wish that SOME, not all, of the PARENTS would GROW UP. A child can learn so much from participating in a team sport.......IF.......they have the opportunity and the "Atta Boys" outweigh the "OH S***S....

Winter Hawk
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