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16 days old

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The orphans I brought home last week are all alive and healthy still. They are five boys, can you believe it? There are 4 yellow tabby ones and one white one. I have pics, but can't figure out how to post them.

So how long do I bottle feed? How much? How often? At present each kitten is drinking about 0.4 oz every 5 hours. When do I introduce them to mush?

We are not doing so well with stimulating them to poop. It works once in a while, but mostly they just do a little bit by themselves, and it doesn't seem like enough.

I am giving them powdered formula and am very careful about no lumps.

What else do I need to look out for?
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Kittens generally nurse exclusively until 4-5 weeks old. Then they begin to experiment with moist foods, but still need to nurse until about 8-10 weeks old. And I have seen posts by other bottle feeders...it seems they often start solids later than kittens with a Mom cat!

Hang in there...you have a difficult job, but a very rewarding one. By about 4-5 weeks, they will start using the litter box, too.
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I bottle raised 2 boys from birth with the Kitten Glop. I started weaning them at 4 - 5 weeks and had them on wet by 6 weeks and solid dry by 8 weeks. As for getting them to poop, do you use the cotton ball/warm water method? Sometimes running water and a baby washcloth would work wonders. Let the tap water warm up to the same feeling/temp as the water you would use with a cotton ball. Hold little kitten bum under the water flow and gently massage the area with the washcloth. Make sure you have a warm towel to put the butt in when you're done to dry the kitten off. You don't want him to get cold.
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