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Opie rules!

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Got a good laugh, yesterday, at Ike's expense.

I leave the door, to the computer room, open when I'm in here and the pets come and go as they please. Ike, usually, pops in and gets a pat on the head and leaves. Yesterday, however, he stood at the door and began barking and jumping around. I turned to see what the problem was and Bill came to investigate, too.

Opie was sitting in the hallway and Ike wouldn't go past him. Bill had to run interference and escort Ike out of the room.

Last night, Ike came into the bedroom, for his good night petting. Once again, Opie was sitting in the hallway. Ike ran around the bed, whining and whimpering. Finally, Bill got up and walked Ike out to the Arizona room, where he sleeps.

I don't know why Ike is such a chickensh--, where Opie is concerned. To my knowledge, Opie has never attacked Ike. He just gives him that icy stare. Ike has no qualms about walking past Rowdy. They romp and play together, all the time.

Bill and I think that its a hoot, that this 10-pound cat can intimidate an 85-pound dog, just by sitting in a doorway. For all of his ferocity, when strangers come around, Ike wants to be protected from a cat, that he lives with.

Maybe, Ike needs some assertiveness training. ROTFL
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:laughing: Poor dog!!
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LOL This just proves that size doesn't matter.
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