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Dude says Hi

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or at least thats what i think he said
click here to see video
it's a really short clip but its always funny to hear such a small meow come out of such a big cat.
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Oh what an adorable intzy tinzy tiny baby squeek!!
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That is a little squeak for a big cat!! Cute
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haha thanks Hell603 & sarahp , he is practically meowless so it's really rare for him even squeak but its pretty sweet when he does
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Awwwwww i had to turn the volume right up to hear him, bless him
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O M G - what was that teeny, weeny ickle mew

so cool.............watched it loads a times !!!
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rosiemac - thats the loudest he gets really, unless he's angry

mooficat - thanks! glad you liked it

i'm sure Dude think that his meow is very masculine
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What a sweet little kitty squeak!!!! That was too cute
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Oh that was just the sweeeeetest! Totally made my day! That just melted me into a puddle! I keep hitting the play button and re-watching it!
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