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Hello Everybody...

We took Quinn to the vet again today. The prognosis is very poor. He has lost a pound and a half, even though he is eating some. His left kidney is also about double the size of the right. He continues to hide, to be antisocial, and is in obvious pain when we pick him up/handle him.

Quinn has not rallied.. he has not gotten better from the first time we took him in. He is only growing worse as the days progress. He has good days and bad, but these days, most are bad.

We've decided to alleviate Quinn of his pain. I love him way too much to watch him suffer so much. We will probably be taking him in next Wednesday to let him be relieved.

Thank you so much, everybody, for helping and giving advice. Most of all, thanks for listening and caring. You've all been great through this tough period.

Jessica, Roger, and Quinn =^..^=
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Dear Frogsy,

I'm so sorry to hear about Quinn. But you know in your heart you're doing the right thing. I couldn't bear to see one of my fur-babies in pain. You and Quinn will be in my prayers. If you need to talk about it, please post. You've got many friends here.

Take care and give Quinn a kiss for me.

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I am sorry you have to make this kind of decision. Quinn will always have a special place with you. If you want or need to get anything off your chest, please feel free. We are all here for you.
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I will be thinking about you and Quinn. This kind of decision is very hard to make. Quinn will let you know when the time is right. Please give him a kiss for me.
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Real love is when to know when to let go. You are in our thoughts. It is hard to see one of our loved ones in pain. I am sorry that you had to make that type of decision but you did it out of love. God bless.
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