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It took me almost 3 years ...

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But I finally put Smokey's ashes in her ern and sealed it shut. Her ashes now sit on a shelf I bought just for that purpose. As I put her ashes in the ern and sealed it shut I sang the song I always used to sing to her and cried I can't believe it was so hard after three years. It will be 3 years on the 26th of this month and the intresting thing is I will be in my Life & Loss class that night.

Smokey I still miss you & I'll always love you.
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awr I am so sorry for your loss I lost a dear furbaby 5 years ago who I cared for, and I still cry even though it was such a long time ago.

i am so sorry

R.I.P Smokey, play happily at the bridge little one, you won't be forgotten
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What a sad time for you.

Rest in peace Smokey, remember to look in on your human at this sad time.
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Smokey, bless your little heart I'm sure your having fun over the bridge with all the other TCS cats and kittens, but keep looking down on the person who loves and misses you a lot

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This is absolutely heart wrenching. I'm so very sorry your heart is aching so terribly as we approach the dawn of this incredibly difficult anniversary and wish there were words to ease your sorrow, something to help fill this empty wound in your heart. Smokey is your lifelong love, and your beautiful relationship lives on. Your little girl is with you always, right there by your side.

During this very special time, we all honor your sweet baby's precious life.
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we will all honour sweet Smokey
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Rest in peace, Smokey. You were truly loved, and will someday be reunited with your person.
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