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Dash and Dotty are officially 11 weeks old. Both kittens are doing much better but I think Dash may have a couple of issues I need to deal with.

First the poor guy can't seem to get all of his poop out when he is in the litter box. I am often finding little pieces around where he has been just after he gets done attempting in the box. The bowel movements are fine (not runny or too hard), they just seem to stick to his bottom or partially out of his bottom before he can get them to drop off. This is a new problem for him in the past week or two. Any suggestions? His appetite is still great, drinks water like crazy and full of energy. Just can't quite seem to get the job done in the box.

Secondly he has an eye that tears a lot. Poor guy has a tear stain by one of his eyes. He lets me wipe it, to clean him up. There is no goop, the eye isn't swollen, just tears. Could this be allergies?

Thanks a bunch.