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Training:how to keep kitty away from counter or b.room?

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Hi! My kittys 6 months old now, shes still capable of being trained but there are 2 things which are really bothering me: I just cant seem to succeed in keeping her away from the kitchen counter and my moms bedroom (she just doesnt want her in there. The fur keeps her up making her sneeze all night).

Some techniques which ive heard for the counter are: squirting the cat with a water gun (those mild toy ones) which I havent tried yet, scolding (doesnt work zilch) and blowing on her face with your breath (only works with her when she bites me. Works wonders actualy!)

But I just cant think of any technique as to how I can keep her away from a certain room. Surely she'll keep away while we're inside and all awake but at night she'll just cuddle up beside my parents which really DONT want her to do so because of the fur problem!! I dont mind her cuddling up beside me in bed but she has this knack of going to places where shes not quite welcome!!!

Can anybody give me some advice on how I could keep Peluş away from the kitchen counter and bedroom? Any experienced cat lovers out there on this subject? PLEASE HELP!
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Firstly, NEVER spray with water.

Can your parents not close their bedroom door when they are sleeping? That would certainly be the easiest solution. As for jumping on the cupboards there are some folks here who swear by putting tin foil/ sticky tape and other such things that cats don't like to walk on, but I personally just find that wiping my counters off with a disinfectant before starting to cook is much easier. They don't get up on the counters when I'm there, but I'm never sure what they are up to when I'm not looking.
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As far as tin foil goes, my kitty LOVES to play with it! Once ı had unwrapped something from its foil, apparently ı had left the foil lying there, and went out of the room. When I had come back I found (not kiding) maybe a hundred pieces of aluminium foil ALL over the room! It took me ages to pick them up as some of them were tiny and ı couldnt vacuum most of them cause they were in absurd places, plus it would kill my vacuum cleaner!

Oh well ı guess ill still try the foil. Maybe she wont like walking on it! I already do wipe the counter off with disinfectant. Its just the foods that are left out on the counter that ım worried about! When guests arrive we have to keep the foods on top. Sometimes she just steps right in them!! We usually throw those ones out but ofcourse we cant watch out the ones that are left unattended!

As for my parents room, the room doesnt have an a/c and in summer you could boil in there with the doors shut Same case goes for winter as the radiators heat up to the extreme limit!!

Oh well I guess ill just have to live and learn!! Some solution will always come up one day I always believe in that.

But most of all thanks SOO much for your advice!!!
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