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Meet Littles

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Just had to share these pics of Littles. He's one of our foster kittens, actually the only one from his litter who hasn't been adopted. I don't understand why. Who could resist that sweet little face?

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Awwwww what a cutie!! He looks like a calm little baby too
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Aw, he is just precious! I'm sure someone will chose him soon! Hi, Littles! Cute name for a cute kitty!
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he has the sweetest little face!!! good luck with finding him a home, i'm sure he'll be picked soon!!
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What a doll!!! He is soo cute! He will find a great forever home soon
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awh..............what a cutie pie !

he looks alot like my Miss Moofi, I´d have him, no worries, then I´d have 3 black & white babes !
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The way you had those pics posted, I thought at first that Littles had a twin... I was like, "is that the same cat? No, yes... yes it is... what the... OOOH!!!"
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