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What do you think of this?

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A friend of mine wants to rescue cats and sell them for $100.00 each. She thinks she'll be doing a good thing and making money at the same time. I don't think it's a good idea. I oppose the idea of rescuing cats and finding homes for them for profit rather than simply for the sake of rescuing cats and finding them homes. I don't think very many people would pay $100.00 for a cat. She swears that by charging this much she's sure to find good homes for them. I think she's going to find herself stuck with a bunch of cats. This girl is money-minded. We once had a conversation on the bus about what she would do if she won a nice house. She said she would make a living breeding maltese dogs and selling them. She made it sound so easy. Now she's moving into her own apartment which happens to allow pets, she's going to have a cat of her own and at the same time make this business of rescuing and selling cats. I suppose if the cats have all their vaccinations and veterinary care and are spayed and neutered and well cared for it's not such a bad thing but just the idea of doing this for the sake of profit makes me cringe and right now I have no way of knowing for sure that she's going to do everything right and I just don't support it. In fact we argued over the phone. What do you think? Many of you have more experience with this.
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I think she'll find out pretty fast that it is impossible to make a profit rescuing cats.... as long as the cat's have had their vaccinations and have been altered, $100 isn't that much to pay, but it won't cover the cost of the medical care usually. If she's not planning on taking them to the vet before she adopts them out, then no, people will not pay $100
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I think you're friend is in for a rude awakening!

We paid $110 to adopt Maui from a rescue group but he had a microchip, his kitten shots, and he had been neutered. Even still I had to pay more $$$ after the fact because you have to pay $18 to register your info with Avid (for the microchip), I had to get his booster shots, and he came with a cough that need two rounds of antibiotics!

If your friend is just planning on finding cats and turning around and selling them for $100, she's going to find herself with a lot of cats! I'm sure for her to get all the medical things taken care of it will cost her pretty close to $100 if not more- there goes all of her profit...

There is no way I'd pay that much money for a cat that didn't even receive any of those things I mentioned Maui came with- not when there are cats in the humane society that need to be rehomed or strays out and about...
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