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Cats playing with poop.

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So, it seems my cats like to play with their poop. They work it out of the litter box and bat it around like it were a cat toy.
Any idea how to get them to stop doing this.
We have plenty of toys for them. Maybe a litter box with a top?
I mean, we scoop the thing at least once a day.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.
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It could be that you do not put enough litter for them to cover their feces. I believe litter should be at least 1.5 in. deep.
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Ah, "Poopie Hockey" is a favorite game for some cats.

Are they kittens or young cats? I've heard of this happening more often with younger kitties, and if they are then they will most likely grow out of the Poopie Hockey phase. Kinda like how kids play in the mud...
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My darlings do the same thing, I have 4 and they play tag team soccer. However, they only use the poop when they have gotten all of their toys caught under the furniture or when it is time to get them new stuff.

They do it out of boredom usually. If you scoop as often as possible and provide them with some fun little cat toys, I bet your floors will be poop free in no time.
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I never had this problem, but I have litter boxes with tops anyway because my Chessy doesn't cover his waste. They work out great, I don't think I could go back to uncovered boxes.
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