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Hoping for the best with Goldie:)

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Tomorrow I am going to take Goldie to the local SPCA. She is spending the night and then she will be spayed on Tuesday morning!

The most wonderful news is that they have offered to spay her,groom her and provide her shots at NO charge! I have a good relationship with the people at the shelter, but never expected this! I am very pleased about that too - as things are tight right now!

Since all her kittens have finally left, her behavior has resorted back to more of a snippy manner, like Hissy said that it would!

Getting her into the carrier will be a feat in itself, let alone the transfers. The shelter's Vet has a good deal of experience with ferals - so hopefully, I will be the only one scratched and bit!

The test will come when we get back home. I plan on letting her have a couple of days recovery time and then just leaving the door open on the condo and see what happens.

My husband does not hold out much hope that she will acclimate to becomming a house kitty - but I think she will make it! I do not expect her to be a lap kitty - but will PRAY hard that she will adjust enough to continue living with us. My only 'rule' for her is that she use the kitty boxes!

I would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. I am nervous about this whole thing!

Goldie is such a sweetheart (when she wants to be). We have limited pets (behind the ears), and lots of hours sitting together and talking!

Thanks all....
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I have loved hearing the saga of Goldie all these many months! I am soooooo glad that you managed to catch her and that you are giving her the chance to become part of the family. And....bravo to the shelter for covering the vet's expenses. That certainly will help!
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Thank you! I feel sometimes like I ramble on about her and all those 15 kittens she brought me during hte past 18 months! Goldie has given me an understanding and appreciation of kitty behavior like I never had before, even though we have had cats in the past!

And I have to thank Goldie - because it was she who brought me here over a year ago!
I love her........
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Debra, We're not at all tired hearing about Goldie. We were "there" when she had her kittens, after all. You can't get much closer than that! I hope she does become a lap kitty. Who knows? It's so much warmer there than it was outside in the cold winters. Here's hoping all goes well with her spaying!
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Just checked with my friends at the shelter. They have done an exam on Goldie and are spaying her now! I hope and pray she does ok!
I am a litle worried about it....
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I too have enjoyed keeping up with Goldie and her many kittens through your posts. I hope all goes well with her spaying and when she returns home.
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I caught Zac, one of my elusive ferals, last night. He is being neutered right now too! So, let's send our good luck thoughts to Goldie and Zac so they pull through their procedures with no difficulty.

P.S. I named him Zac...short for Prozac. He is such a wonderful boy that he makes me happy just looking at him...who needs Prozac when you have a furry Zac!
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I just got word - Goldie did OK during her surgery and is resting up! I can go tomorrrow morning and pick her up! YEAH!!

I am sending good thoughts your way for Zac! BTW - I LOVE his name!
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That's great, Debra. You'll be such a hero to Goldie when you pick her up! Either that or she'll be mad as a hornet! No, I think you will be the great rescuer.
Now, we'll send happy thoughts to Zac, and hope he stays as calm and cool as he keeps those around him. They are a real blessing, aren't they?
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Oh Jeanie - YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT THAT! She has been a blessing to me!
Goldie and her broods of 15 kittens have brought me much joy and healing over the past year and a half! God sent her to me. I have needed her in more ways than I can put into words. Thank you for understanding.
I talk about her so much, people don't probably realize that I have 7 other kitties and a dog, hubby and a son! :tounge2:
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When we had the abused stray spayed (Booger/Rocki) I was sure that when we brought her home she would run away and never come back. (She'd already been spayed but they weren't sure the scar was from a spay, so it was almost if she was spayed as she came home with a shaved belly and stitches). But we had to take that chance. The opposite happened: she spent more time here than ever, she wanted love while she healed, and I guess intuitively she knew we had become her "care-givers."

While she didn't want to become a full-time indoor kittie, in the Winter she liked to spend some of the night, and she comes by at least once a day to be groomed, fed and loved. I'm sending prayers for your Goldie - I'm sure she'll respond to what is obviously a large loving family!
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Ooops! I didn't mean to overlook Zac! Sending prayers that everything works out well for him too!
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Thank you Laurie - that means a lot to me!
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Thanks everyone for your thoughts about Zac (and sorry for staling some of Goldie's limelight!). I let Zac out this morning and he took off in a flash. He was one unhappy camper! But, I'm sure he'll be there waiting for supper when I get home. I'm just glad that he's healthy, vaccinated, and neutered. Whew!
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Was she happy to see you this morning? Tell us how she is doing now that she is home.
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Of course we're all dying to know how things went with Goldie. ??? But Zac wormed his way into our hearts and prayers, too. So please make sure you keep us up on whether or when he comes back! I'm anxiously awaiting news on all. !!!! Although I've only been involved with feral cats for a couple of months, I know how much a part of our lives they become so quickly!
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How is Goldie? Is everything okay?????

P.S. Zac was back for supper last night! Yippee. He didn't seem traumatized at all.
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First of all.... I am happy to share Goldie's limelight with little Zac! Any time! I am so glad that he came for his supper! See? He knows who loves him!

Goldie is resting in the kitty condo - I have PM'd Hissy (again! -I always bother that poor woman) with my questions about when will be the right time to let momma explore the house! She is letting me pet her behind the ears, and I have NOT been bit or scratched in 2 whole days! Progress is progress when it comes to that little momma!

Thank you all for being so much a part of all this with me!
Deb M.
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I just answered you Debra via PM.....

McKenzie was outside today with my other crew and although she did get chased by one feral, there were no major confrontations and she is now back with her kitties. After 3 months of solid contact with the kittens, she needed this time away from them and it was a beautiful day to start introductions.
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Today is THE day! I hope that Goldie finds the house acceptable!
Maybe I should clean for her and put a little cat nip out? haha I Want her to feel welcome after all!
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Just don't be surprised if she hides from you. I know you have had her in captivity for awhile, but she may just decide that under the bed, or behind the couch is the place she feels safest until no one threatens her and then she will come out in her time. Good luck with her.
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I think that she may do that! is the funny part - The door has been open for a while - the house is quiet - Smudgie and Ripley (both her babies) GOT INTO THE CONDO WITH HER! Eating momma's food and laying on her pillows. Goldie has not decided to come out yet -but the rest are all going IN! Go figure!!!
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That is too funny!

It is so amazing that Goldie is living in your house! When I first read about Goldie all those months ago, I would never have imagined that she would end up being a house cat! Wow!!!!!

Way to go Debra!
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Those rascals have been in and out of there all day! Momma appeared about 2 Pm and promptly hid behind the computer desk until about an hour ago - Now she is securely behind hubby's chair! I wonder how long she will want to play hide and seek! I have left her condo set up with her food and water and litter box in it for now - till she knows where everything else is in the house! I bet she will look around more after we all go to bed! I wonder where I will find her in the morning!

She is not fully a house cat yet, but we are on our way..........
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Goldie is hiding around the house - mostly in the 'junk room' under the old bed in there. She seems to come out at night to eat and drink. Today, I felt sorry for her, and put some canned food under the bed fo rher. The poor thing is so confused!
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Debra, just be patient with her. Her world has been rocked, her babies for the most part are gone, and the world she has been so accustomed to has changed dramatically. If she has found one room where she feels safe, then I would just let her be. McKenzie unless she is outside, she hides under the bed, but when she gains her freedom in the daytime, she sprawls out in the yard in plain sight with the other kitties and appears to be totally relaxed. Let Goldie find her way to you. Go and sit with her, read to her, talk to her and just give it time.
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I will Hissy, and thank you. She has been so good considering. I want to give her whatever she needs. She already has my she might as well have my time too!

Question though.....should I not put any treats in there for her? I want to give her the space she needs, but worry about her hydration and nutrition. She probably doesn't need my help in that area, but want her to physicially be OK. Thanks.
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