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Introducing "Fluffy"

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Here are a few pics I took of our new kitty over the weekend. We brought "Fluffy" home on Thursday. He is Ginger's brother. He is the sweetest kitty with the sadest looking blue eyes. He fits right in with the other furbabies. My daughter Amber stated calling him Fluffy as soon as she saw him so it looks like that will be his name.

Fluffy and Ginger:

Molly, Fluffy & Ginger:
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Oh my goodness look at that little cherub!!!
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Such serious thoughts behind those eyes. Fluffy is darling.
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Oh Fluffy has Hush Puppy eyes - so sweeet!!
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Ohhh so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awwww his eyes are gorgeous! Makes you want to pick him up, give him a huge hug and tell him everything's going to be ok I can see why you couldn't say no to him!

Do you think Ginger remembers her brother?
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OMG - I can't TAKE the CUTENESS!!!!!

I am SO glad that you took him - I bet he and Ginger are, too!!!
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love that pic with his paw over his sister's face he is a darling, is he deaf?
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Oh what beautiful and serious eyes!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Do you think Ginger remembers her brother?
I think so, it's hard to tell. She has never once hissed or growled at him, just accepts him like he was always part of the family. The other kitties too, it took less than 24 hours for them to take him in and start playing. Fluffy definitely is not shy with the other kitties either, he even jumped right on Michoud the very first night. Michoud acts like their guardian, it's so cute. As far as I know it doesn't seem like Fluffy is deaf.
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I love his sad blue eyes! All your babies are cute! I'm glad you were able to adopt Fluffy as well as Ginger
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Oh my goodness - he is just too cute to even express!
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What a doll! He is soo cute!
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Omygosh my heart I'll take one of each! Total cuteness. You are one lucky lady.
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Oh, I'm so glad you brought him into your family........right where he belongs. What a doll! More pics please!
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OMG!!! I love the little cutie!! What a little puffball & obviously with personality...swatting his sis' face...
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I love him!! I love the first picture!!
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