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Good morning

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Good morning everyone. How's your day going? I hope you are having a nice day. We are supposed to have some really nice weather today. Love and Hugs Gail.
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It's going well... so far. I finally got rid of the migrane I had yesterday so I feel better.
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Today is back-to-school day for me. I'm really nervous... not about classes but about a certain classmate. Ah well, worst that can happen is that I can finally get rid of that dumb crush and become (relatively) sane again.

anyways, gotta go soon. Class isn't until 3pm but I want to get to the bookstore early to avoid the worst of the lineups.
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It's a better day since I can get online again! For some reason I lost our phone connection on Sunday. I was going through withdrawal!

The day has started off nice and sunny and only going up to the 70s - but then the TV weather showed a big band of rain heading our way.

Oh, and Ari got in BIG trouble for getting on the TV and knocking the antenna and some tapes off.
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