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Neela passed away last night.......

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I am so upset that I don't even want to post this.But, I felt I must so that she can be remembered as "the special kitty" that she was.
Last night, I went over to get all 3 of my babies.They were at MIL's because we were trying to get rid of all the fleas here and she was keeping them for us.I put Corwin into the van and then got Blaze.I asked my MIL if she could carry Neela out for me.I didn't want to be gone for very long.My DH just had surgury on his knee and can't walk on it yet.........we have 4 kids at he stayed here by hisself with kids,three of which are sick with colds.
I assumed that she had a tight grip on her.But, that is where I made the mistake.
Neela heard a dog bark and scratched my MIL's arms.She got her pretty deep.My MIL held onto her, until Neela dug her nails into her from fear.MIL dropped her.Neela ran out into the road as a car was driving by and was hit.The sorry that hit her didn't even stop to see if she was o.k. Just had the nerve to blow the horn at us.
My BEAUTIFUL girl is gone.I miss her soooooooooooooooo much already.
My BIL burried Neela over there by an apple tree. He had to take my MIL to the ER for the scratches on her arms.Thankfully none of them needed stictches,but she did get a shot of antibiotics to be on the safe side.
I had to tell the kids this morning.They all cried and don't want to go to school.We'll take flowers over to her grave when they get home this evening.
Blaze and Corwin are looking all over for her.
RIP my beautiful girl.
May 1,2005 -- Sept. 4,2006
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oh no, I am so very sorry I can only imagine how hard it is to post a tribute here at the bridge but yes, she will now always be remembered as the wonderful special beautiful girl that she is.

run free darling girl, watch over those that love you and keep them safe, you will meet again

I will light a candle to help guide her home

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How terribly tragic.

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Oh my goodness how sad this is


Run fast over the bridge Neela because theres no cars where your going.

Have fun sweetie pie and know that you were loved so much
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I'm so sorry RIP little one.
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What a shock. RIP, Little Neela.
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I'm so sorry to read this

Sweet Neela play happily over the bridge, little one
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I'm so sorry, how tragic for you. The SOB who ran her over and didn't even stop needs to be shot. Then he has the nerve to blow the horn. grrr!! Play happily over the bridge sweet baby.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet little Neela.
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I have no words, just tears after reading your post. My heart goes out to you!

Bless her little soul - RIP Neela!!!!
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Oh my Gosh I can't believe my eyes, that is so sad, I am so sorry.
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I'm so very sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace and play Neela.
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as others have said, there are no words. i'm so sorry for your loss... so sudden & unexpected. your lovely will be remembered furever, here - & waits for you over the bridge. to you during this painful time...
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Bless her soul! RIP beautiful Neela. Have fun over the bridge
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i am so very sorry to hear this, RIP Neela.
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So many tragic kitty accidents here in such a short time I'm so sorry to hear about Neela. I hope your family can do a beautiful, deserving tribute to her tonight, and it helps get some closure.
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Oh no! What a tragic accident.
I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet, beautiful Neela.
Many, many to you.

I am sure my Chuckie has met her at the bridge and they are playing together.

RIP Neela
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Condolences on your tragic loss - that is such a sad story. Your MIL must feel so terrible, but it was an accident. Neela was so young to have been taken. Heaven is one special kitty brighter tonight, but here on earth, it's one kitty dimmer. Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Neela - you will never be forgotten, but will always be loved.
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Thank you ALL for your kind words. I miss her so much.
My MIL feels so bad, but I assured her it really wasn't her fault that she got hit.The sorry SOB that hit her, didn't even have the descentcy to stop and ask if she was o.k. He/she will burn in for what they did to my baby!!!
My MIL's arms are all scratched up and she has gouges in her chest area too.I guess Neela must have gotten her there when she was fighting to get loose. She got a shot of antibiotic and some cream to put on them.She has to go back if they get worse.
Thank you again for your words of comfort.
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You have had your share of loss recently I'm so sorry.

RIP sweet Neela
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I am sooo sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful Neela. Please do not blame yourself sweetie- it was truely an accident...Neela is playing happily over the RB now and is at complete peace with her accident....i'm sure she would want you to be too. My heart goes out to you and your family. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers tonight- including your children. I know how hard it is to loose a little furbaby that you care soo much for- please feel free to pm me if you want to talk. I'd be happy to listen.
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I am so, so sorry sweetie. she was too young and the best always get taken away from us too soon. R.I.P. Neela. you were loved deeply and will be sorely missed.
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Oh no! oh no! I'm so sorry! Play happy now sweet little one.
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I am so sorry for this tragic loss! Please give your kids some extra hugs, as I know they are heartbroken, just as you and your Mother are!

Rest in peace, dear Neela. You were taken too soon!
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I'm sorry about Neela. Sometimes things happen...and while it is sad, at least Neela had a loving home while she was here. She is now playing happily over the bridge. RIP Neela.
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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Neela my she RIP.
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I'm so sorry you lost your precious girl
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I'm deeply saddened by this. She was a sweet little girl, and yours was the best home she could have gone to. I'll miss seeing her photos. Just the other day I was laughing remembering her tiny squeaky meow (and body which seemed so huge for such a tiny voice) and her bold kitteny antics. RIP Neela
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