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Still Going Strong

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Hi Everyone,

Know its been awhile since I have posted, been busy with numerous projects on the house here. I just wanted to update you all on Pickes, well as some of you have may read around this time in the fall of 2004 he was diagnosed with
Squamous Cell Carcinoma in his ear. After all the surgery which left him deaf in one ear, (although I think he just has selective hearing, because you shake food and he runs). He is eating well, and is still his happy self, could use to maybe lose a few pounds, but we are not too worried with that as long as he is happy. They said his prognosis was very poor to guarded, well I am very HAPPY to say he is approaching the 2 year mark and is still with us. It is really amazing and I feel truly blessed. I would never have thought he would have been here this long after all he had gone through and even the vet is surprised. We plan on celebrating his 2 year recovery with a special treat for him (alittle chicken in his food). I just want to "Thank" all of you for your thoughts and prayers. If anyone who isn't sure of Pickles story you can click the search link and type in Squamous Cell to read about it. He is truly an amazing cat. Well thats the update, I will be back soon. Take care to all
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Thanks so much for the update. We are always pleased to hear good news. Give Pickles a big hug from our family.
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