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Introducing my kitten to her new room

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Hi everyone. Lusa is now 2 months old and I'd like to get her used to her new room (our upstairs attic bedroom). When we can't supervise her, she currently stays in the bathroom. Obviously, she's going to outgrow the bathroom so we want to move her upstairs.

We tried putting her up there for half an hour a couple of days ago while we were home. She cried and meowed, which she doesn't do if we put her in the bathroom while we're at home. I thought she might enjoy it up there since there's a cat tree, litter boxes, toys, chairs, pet beds, and stable objects to climb on.

What can I do to make the transition easier for her? Should I try Feliway? Just ignore her crying? I want her to enjoy the room and not associate it with stressful feelings. Thanks.
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Well, I must admit this situation sounds a little cruel, closing her off from everything and everyone else....................... Unless this is where you spend 80% of your time, there is only a sad, depressing life ahead for this kitty. Why do you have a kitten if there is any reason to keep it under such lockdown? This really sounds a bit cruel...............don't want to pass judgement if situation is not as sounds.........................
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Lusa was a 4-6 week old kitten that I found wandering on my busy street, so I didn't go out and purposely "get" her. I could have turned her over to the Humane Society the day after I found her, but I chose not to because she was infested with coccidia, roundworms, fleas, ear mites, and a URI. With the surplus of kittens this time of year, she would have been put down. She didn't deserve that.

She stays in the bathroom now because of her age (2 months) when my husband and I aren't there to supervise. I'm not comfortable letting any infant animal (kitten or pup) have the run of the house. A person can only kitten proof so much...I guess I'm a bit overprotective, but Lusa's so inquisitive that I know she could get herself into trouble in the other rooms because there's just more stuff in them. It's for her protection that she stays in a safe room while we aren't home or awake to watch her.

She's allowed into other rooms of the house when we are there to supervise her. She enjoys the company of myself, my husband, and dog and socializes with all of us. She plays, safely explores, naps, and cuddles.

I'm planning to move her to the upstairs bedroom during the day when we're not there to supervise. I assume that there will be a day and time when she's old enough that she can have more freedom.

I'd appreciate any constructive advice to make the transition from bathroom to upstairs easier for her.
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Was'nt trying to insult you, just needed more details I guess, sorry.................I would suggest spending a lot of time with her in the room she is left alone in so she does'nt asoociate it with being left alone. Play with her with the toys, a box she can curl up in, maybe put something in there with your scent, a nice comfy blanket, something fury is good at that age. When I adopted Maia I gave her my faux fur vest that she loves to this day, shes 6 months now..........hope that helps!
Oh yeah, music or tv is good to help her feel shes not alone...................
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I do know exactly 'where you're coming from', and agree that it's a good idea (especially with a dog) to keep her safe now, it's just that it's unfortunate being so far removed from the part of the house she's familiar with and that probably smells more intensely of you than the attic. She feels she being ostracized and/or punished and is it really not possible to at least use one of the other rooms downstairs to keep her in? We've had cats forever, and while things like open floor vents, looped (and accessible) window blind cords, etc. are obvious dangers, you'd be surprised at how self sufficient even a kitten her age can be say, in a bedroom, as she can only jump so high now, and will probably stay under a bed, or on someone's socks when you're out, and generally amuse herself somehow without getting into lots of trouble or causing any. If she's put in there at least 20 mins or so before you leave the house, and hears you (still) walking around outside her door, talking, etc., she won't feel abandoned when you do leave if you say nothing to her or make any fuss... she won't realize you've gone as long as she has her water, some dry food in a bowl and her box.
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Thanks for the tips!

Yes, it's a less than ideal situation with the dog, house set up and all. We were so unprepared for this. I just thought the upstairs bedroom would give her alot more room to play and be safer since there aren't any appliances to plug in there. But there aren't many scents of us up there since it's a spare room. That never occured to me but it makes sense.

Anyhow, I'm planning to give her free reign most of the house except the bedroom - unless we're at work - when she's older. It scares me half to death to think she might chew on an electical cord or get wedged between the furniture, etc., when I'm not there. Lusa's obsessed with strings and has tried to play with the cords under the computer desk. If she had an accident because I was careless and missed kitty-proofing something, I'd never forgive myself.

I'll talk to my husband again about keeping her in our bedroom during the day. He's been stubborn about it because he's still worried about his allergies (although they aren't nearly as bad as he thought).
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There really is'nt a problem keeping her in a room less occupied by you, actually she might associate the bedroom with sleep then if she is not in there all day while you are gone, this could be good! If there is a worry about cords and outlets, just make sure there are no dangling cords, usually it is the extra cord laying there that is tempting. You can also get the plastic clip ins that fit into unused outlets. Generally most kittens don't get into to much trouble if we are'nt there, but better safe then sorry. And a nice mommy scented blanky or item of clothing is a definite to leave with her........
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