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Cat litter

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Ok i have 2 questions i have a 7 month old kitten and i recently found a kitten i was wondering. If i kept the kitten once it got older would the 2 cats get along and could they share cat litters or no? Oh and they are 2 girls. What should i do?
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IMO, the cats will adapt well, even though the older one may hiss and "put the little one in its place". Yes, they can share cat litter, but most cats prefer 2 boxes, one for pee and one for poo - sounds like more work, but actually seems to smell less. If you go with one box, it will be a real challenge to keep up with cleaning it. It really depends on your schedule and the amount of space that you have for boxes.
BTW, have you tried to find out if the kitten has some owner looking for it?
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It has no owner the lady that lives next door to me her cat had kittens. But the others died or got lost and there where only 2 left it was a brother and sister. But the brother died so thats why i took the girl and started feeding her. They were treated badly thats why i want to keep her. But i just did'nt know if they would get along or would it be a bad idea. The older cat is 7 months old and the kitten is probably about 2 months. My older cat is mean but they are both females. I raised her since she was 3 weeks and i am now raising a 2 month old. She was very weak when i first started feeding her the lady next door had the kittens drinking the wrong food. So thats why i took her but i wanted to know if the 2 cats will get along when the kitten is older.
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I have two girls that I got from a shelter, and they both shared a litter box with no problems,, grant it, I change them 3 times a day. I bought a new litter box this weekend, and now they have two. and I found, they like to poo in one and pee in the other. I have a 8 weeks old stray that I have downstairs in the basement while she waits to be completely dewormed before she gets up with my girls, and she has spent little bits of time and the girls are very very curious about her,, they hiss and swat at her, when she gets too close.. But I have a feeling she'll adapt and they'll adapt to her. The older girls adapted to each other, and it took a good 2 weeks, and now they lay by each other, and play and fight, and kiss on each other...
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