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HELP!!! My problem child, Pal, has managed to come up with something new. I could smell a skunk so I let him in, closed all the windows and doors and it was worse!! Oh, lordy, it was him! He got sprayed! I opened everything again and went to a neighbor for advise. All she had was dog shampoo but said it would be better for his skin than people shampoo. Luckily I had tomato juice. I put him in the sink, I literally gagged when I picked him up, covered him with the juice, wet him down, more juice, shampoo and rinse. I fully expected to be torn to shreds as I have, myself, never bathed a cat, but I am in one piece. He loves to eat anything with tomatoes so I think it distracted him. However, I apparently did a poor job of it because he still smells! Not as bad. But I can't really be the judge cuz I can't smell anything but skunk. I took a bath in tomato juice myself. It doesn't hold the same mystique as a milk bath. I was soaked from blocking Pal's escape from the sink and the stink transfered to me. I didn't want him sitting on anything so he is spending the evening in the basement. My other cat, Buddy, is sniffing and walking around spots on the rug, so I take it that they are spots where Pal stopped while I was at the neighbors. I'm rubbing those spots with baking soda. I have no idea if that will work. I tried washing my clothes in baking soda too but I won't know until my nose works again.

Please, some body have a magic wand. How do I get this out of my house and nose? I'm hoping I can sleep with a scented candle taped to my face. After I finished cleaning up, of course I still don't know if it was effective or not, I could smell fresh air at the back end of the house but it was still potent at the front. He must have been sprayed right in front of the house! And I had the door and windows opened.

I'm figuring I can take Pal to a professional groomer, they must come across this problem and have the right stuff? Say yes?? But it is Sunday, or will be when the sun comes up and I may not find one opened. What do I do for him? This happened at 10:30 and it is now 2:30 A.M. If my nose can still smell it, his must be horrified.

Anna Mae
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You will need to break down or dissolve the oil in skunk scent.

Inside house:
1. wash affected wall, floor, etc. areas with water containing either chlorine bleach or vinegar (acetic acid) or

2. Use a commercial odor-removing compound such as:

1) "Skunk-off" aerosol; get through Vet Clinic, catalog of pet supplies, or pet shop.

2) "Nil-Odor" made by Dow Chemical; follow directions and put couple drops in water, and put on furnace filter to circulate air through; can put on pets but only as directed.

3) "Odor-Away" either liquid (use few drops) or aerosol.

4) Rexall "C-D Deodorant" aerosol, can spray furnishings, drapes, etc.

These odor-removers act to break down the oil and so remove the odor or neutralize it.

3. Spraying with aerosol or putting drops around will neutralize odor in air generally; may still smell for awhile as you put nose right down in drapes, carpets, etc. but will gradually dissipate.

Outside house--on bare wood, concrete, soil:

Get chlorinated lime water at drug store, or mix 1 cup agricultural lime in 1 gallon chlorine bleach and put on areas. BE VERY CAREFUL TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - don't get on skin, clothing, etc as it will burn (is a caustic solution), and will also burn grass or other vegetation.

On clothes--Launder in cool or barely lukewarm water with lots of heavy laundry detergent (I used Tide Deep Clean formula) plus a degreaser and some water conditioner (like Calgon) if water is hard. Don't use very warm or hot water as oil will be released in steam and odor will come up out of tub.

On Your Cat:

This is one of the best remedies to remove the scent from your cat after being sprayed and it will not affect the coat color.

1 qt 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

1/4 Cup Baking Soda

1 or 2 tsp liquid soap (dish detergent)

Mix the ingredients just prior to using. The mixture cannot be stored.

Hope this helps,

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Sorry to laugh, but I did. I had a passel of baby skunks to raise last year, and one of my cats Barty got way to close to them and even as small as they were, they still sprayed him. LOL It was nasty. Gaye's formula with the peroxide and baking soda is effective. But you CANNOT store this chemical mixture so be careful!

Another thing I did because Barty got into the house before I could capture him, was to spray all my ceiling fans with air freshener and turn them on so they sprayed scent all over our home. I also started popourri pots and incense sticks, but I swear I could smell it for days. Another place you can get good enzyme cleaners to rid your home, clothes etc of skunky smell is at a hunter's supply store like GI Joe's or even a gun shop. Good luck! Poor Pal! LOL
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Thank you - thank you. I have printed your posts and they have a permanent place on my fridge.

I didn't make it to bed Sunday morning until 4:00. I was stalling because I wanted to leave the back sliders open for air. I had washed down the kitchen with tomato juice after Pal had escaped from the sink and shook himself center floor, I had checked my post but I knew no sane people would be awake yet and there was nothing else I knew to do and I wouldn't know until the world was awake. So I locked up and went to bed. At 5:00 the phone rang. It was a fax machine. I couldn't get back to sleep and I could smell burnt hair or something so I was up and checked that a fan hadn't blown a motor. There must be something wrong with my nose because although I knew a skunk had sprayed last night, when I let Pal in I thought he smelled like exaust fumes and now I'm thinking its burnt hair. I got dressed and went out for some air. And it was air!! The outside front of the house didn't smell! But as I got to the front door, it did. I figure Pal, as is his habit, rubbed on the door when I let him in leaving skunk behind. If I had figured this out at the time I could have washed the door and been able to air the place out better. With just the back windows opened there was no cross breeze. So, I tomato juiced the front door. (three cheers for BJ's wholesale club. I had bought a case of tomato juice cans for the price of a six pack in the grocery store.)

I checked my post, on the off chance that someone would have be up to answer in the hour that passed and then realized well, da, you could put in a search on the rest of the web. I found the peroxide, baking soda and soap mixture. I didn't want to put Pal through another washing he so enjoyed if this was just a wife's tale home solution, so I tried it, without the soap, in a spray bottle as an air freshener and on the rug and furniture. WOW! It was instant! I couldn't believe it. Poor Pal got dunked again.

But the smell was back and Buddy was still hissing at Pal. When Buddy is walking, Pal comes up from behind and cuts him off, causing Buddy's face to be rubbed along Pal's side. He does this all the time. Buddy doesn't like Pal's new scent and has been hissing and spitting at him, adding that chatter thing they do when looking at prey, only he did it in slow motion. My mother use to call that 'swearing at the birds', but I guess Buddy wanted Pal to hear every word. It was one of the stranger things I have ever heard or seen a cat do.

So I had my neighbor come over. She picked up Pal and smelled him all over, saying she could only get a very faint smell of skunk, and that was with her nose right in his fur. She didn't smell it at all in the house. She thinks probably what I am smelling, and what Buddy is still objecting to, is the dog shampoo. I didn't think of that. I must be associating the scent of the shampoo with skunk. I thought the best thing to do to make the house smell better would be to bake some chocolate chip cookies. I can work in any excuse for chocolate chip cookies!! My neighbor thought it was a viable excuse too and appreciated my weakness.

I guess I can add a new experience under my belt, but I really wish Pal would stop educating me. I'm beginning to like the theory 'ignorance is bliss.' Although, I did get a batch of cookies out of it........

Anna Mae
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Anna Mae, I'm so glad your problem is solved. Now I have to confess that I laughed too. Forgive me, but it sounded like something that would happen to me! Hissy sometimes recommends rubbing the offending kitty (Pal, in this case) with a towel and then rubbing his former friend (Buddy) with the same towel. If the scent is slight to you, you won't be offended, and Buddy and Pal should make up. I hope you have great news the next time you post, and if we smile it will be because we're all happy for you! (Please, Lord, don't let me learn the hard way that it's not nice to laugh at people's problems! I'll be nicer; I promise!
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Great! I'll try the towel rubbing. Now, don't laugh, but I would like to add that Pal is, although he's oblivious to it, now a holiday decoration. His once florescent white fur has been turned to orange by the tomato juice. Couple that with his black spots and he's ready for halloween!
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Oh, Anna Mae, I was trying so hard to be good! Wait until I pick myself up off the floor! You are so funny! He must look so comical. Of course, if you can keep him looking like that, you can put on a pointed hat, carry a broom and, with his help, get a lot of candy this October! I'd love to see a picture of the poor baby. And, just think of the indignity of it all! Someday, you won't be able to tell this story without laughing. :LOL: :LOL:
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I like your idea better! I was thinking I would do him up fresh in October, put the pointy hat on him and plant him in the front window. My camera is on the fritz but I will try to borrow one. I had posted pictures of Buddy and Pal on the behavior forum under ticks vs. spraying. Sorry I broke your promise to be good, but at least someday has come and I can laugh now!
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Oh my! You have had quite the escapade!
There is also a product called Nok-Out that I used on my dog when she got sprayed earlier this year! It worked wonders......
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I will add it to my list. I want to check out all these products to have something besides the tomato juice on hand in case Pal hasn't learned to turn tail and run. I was impressed, though, with the peroxide mixture. Would that have done the job alone, without the tomato juice first? It did clear out the house instantly.

Pal's orange color has faded to almost nothing, as has the dejected look. The towel rubbing must have worked. Buddy isn't back to grooming Pal yet but he has stopped hissing at him and will stand beside him.

Big thanks to everyone for all the help and support. And laughs!

Anna Mae
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Don't be a stranger, Anna Mae. It's so nice to have you with us, even if we all had a bit of fun with poor Pal's mishap! I'm glad Buddy's speaking to him again, but I don't blame him for not wanting to give him a bath!
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No, I can't say I blame him either, considering I didn't want to be involved in the process myself! It's going to take a while for that memory to fade!

I have yet to go to the newcomers forum to properly introduce myself, Buddy and Pal, though Pal already has a reputation preceeding him. With his antics I don't stand a chance at being a stranger!
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Anna Mae - you better NOT be a stranger! You and your kitties fit right in here!
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Why, thank you! That must be why it's so comfy!!
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