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Zoe had her babies! Plus Pics!!

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Zoe had her babies sometime last night. The litte brat came out this morning to eat and she was skinnier plus Four was trying to get some milk from her...LoL. So I looked for her kittens with no luck. So I decided to keep an eye on her and follow her. She had them under my mom's bed. How they didn't hear anything is beyond me. So i got them and put them in a box. She keeps on trying to move them back though. I've also noticed that the poor little things have fleas already. If anybody has any tips on getting rid of them, it would be greatly appreciated. She had a total of seven! And they are beautiful! 3 girls and 4 boys. I'll post the boys first then the girls.

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To remove the fleas:

Separate the kitten from it's Mother and isolate Mom until she can be treated as well. Make sure all bedding or other nesting materials are put into a securely sealed plastic bag or plastic storage tote and taken completely out of the house. Do not reuse the bedding, the plastic bag or the plastic tote if used. Get a bowl of hot water and add a drop or two of Dawn dishwashing liquid detergent. Swish it around to make a very thin layer of suds on the top of the water. Get plenty of papertowels and a fine tooth comb -- a lice nit comb is perfect on small kittens. With a DRY comb, run the teeth over the kittens and physically remove the fleas, quickly dip the comb in the soapy water, completely submersing it. Swish it around to dislodge all of the insects. Thoroughly DRY the comb with a clean paper towel each time (seal used paper towels into a plastic zip-lock type bag until you are ready to dispose of them away from the house) and repeat until there is no sign of fleas at all on the baby.

Repeat this process with the Mother cat and do not place the kitten back in with her until both have been treated, the bedding completely replaced and surrounding areas thoroughly vacuumed or mopped and dry.

I would start saving for her spay right now. I realize that all kittens are beautiful...but Zoe deserves to be spayed and you are quite fortunate because a second litter so close to the first one can have very bad consequences for both mom and kittens. If Zoe is not secured into a room...I would really recommend that you confine her so that she cannot get outside again.

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They are precious!
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They sure are adorable. Do be sure to get Momma spayed, though. I had one foster cat who had 3 litters within 6 months, and out of the last litter of 5, we lost 3 kittens! It was simply heartbreaking. And the Mom was so skinny by the time she weaned the last two kittens that I feared for her health, too!

Not to try to scare you, but it is just reality!

Do as TNR suggested for the fleas. Fleas can be very harmful to kittens. I would also check with the vet to see how soon they can be treated for worms. I think my vet treats with strongid at 3 weeks. Whatever the age is...take poo samples to the vet at that age to check for worms. Fleas carry worms, and they can be very hard on kittens, too.

Best of luck with the precious little ones.
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Thanks for all your comments. I think I was capable of getting rid of the fleas.

The big problem I'm havng right now is she wants to move her kittens. Last night she kept trying to move them under the couch. I have that blocked off now.

She absolutely hated the box that they were in. When they were in my mom's room she kept on trying to take them back under the bed. So I moved her in my family room so it wasn't as convienant, so then she decided she wanted them in the very bottom shelf of my desk. After fighting with her all day (playing who's more stubborn) I finally gave in and made a bed for them. And last night I put a towel up over the opening figuring she just wanted a little privacy. And she tried moving them once, but other then that she seems to be doing fine down there. It's more convienant for me anyways because I'm usually where I can keep an eye on them.

I'm definatly getting her fixed as soon as these kittens are weened. I've already found a place where it's just $10 for female cats and big dogs. I'm also getting my two male kittens fixed (there about six months) and also our dog.
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Congrats on a healthy litter.They are ALL adorable.
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Awwwwwww, they are all so sweet, including mommy kitty!!!
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