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My kitten died yesterday.

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He got hit by a car yesterday while I was in the shower. You see, I didn't even see him the whole day, and he was coming home to eat dinner when some psycho went too fast and didn't see him.
That was that.
I found out when one of our neighbors called and said that Dead Animal Care and Control came to pick up "an orange and white cat". All our neighbor saw was a little orange foot sticking out from under a towel.
We don't actually know if it's Tiggy, mainly because they'll contact us if there's a blue collar on the cat or not, but it's coincidental, I guess, we haven't seen him in two days.
He only turned one year old in March, maybe less. We got him a year ago when he was four months old. He was the most calm cat--he was so sweet. He never once hissed or growled--and everyone in our house misses him. If only I could have seen him one last time...
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I'm sorry for your loss. Tiggy is now playing on the bridge. He'll be looking over his mommy until you meet again. Take care
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I'm soo sorry for your loss sweetie.
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Condolences on the tragic loss of Tiggy How sad to lose a kitten just as he was beginning to blossom into life. It sounds like Tiggy will be missed by all the neighbors.
What is scary is the way that he had died - a speeding driver could have just as easily killed a toddler WHY CAN'T PEOPLE SLOW DOWN IN NEIGHBORHOODS??????? Perhaps you can erect a memorial sign, in Tiggy's honor, and let drivers know that this time it was a kitten, will a child be next??
You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight Susan
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Tiggy was just so young and I can only imagine how devestating this must be for you all. I am so very sorry for your loss

I am sorry that you have had to join us and have this as your first post. I hope you stick around with us, but at least now we can all honour your boy.

RIP Tiggy - run freely & play happily until you meet again

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I'm sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, Tiggy.
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Isn't he just adorable? These are recent pictures of him--there will be no more.[IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
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The poor baby

If it is Tiggy, then he'll have been already been met at the bridge by all the other cats and kittens that are there who will look after him
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poor tiggy. my heart goes out to you.

play happily over rainbow bridge tiggy

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I am so sorry about your loss.Tiggy has many friends at the Bridge to play with.
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The Dead Animal Pickup called us... it was Tiggy.

We can't even bury him. He's somewhere with all the other cats now.
And to make it worse, we saw a dead squirrel and a dead raccoon on the drive home.
Talk about adding salt to the wound!
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The road has stolen too many TCS kitties recently! I am very sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, Tiggy. You were a gorgeous kitty!
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I am so sorry my heart and thoughts are with you
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I miss him so bad--the last thing I did was get him to bite me D:
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Tiggy will never be forgotten... he was just a baby...
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