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I Found a Shelter

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All my life we took cats from people that had to get rid of them or took in cats that showed up at the door. Some were love bugs and others had bad attitudes. But we loved them and cared for them just the same. Loosing two cats in sucession opened a window of cat shopping. We ended up with three purebred cats. On a smaller site I was boasting about our new furkids and was met with oposition to the idea of purebreds because there are so many cats in shelters. I never thought of this because we never acquired a cat that way, and now it's too late anyway. We have our new cats. It actually ate away at me and I thought of it often. I vowed to one day donate in some manor to a cat shelter. Never did I go out of my way localy because the shelters here appeared more like euthanization stations and seemed so commercial. Well I'm so happy I found a shelter for cats in Maine called PAWS on a recent trip. They have an entire house filled with cats. The organization has an 85% placement rate. There are 40 cats there now. This seems to me that somebody is doing a lot of work. I have selected this shelter to support as long as they are saving cats. I feel a little better today.
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Wow it sounds like such a wonderful place! This is exactly what I want to do someday, I do it now on a small scale but I actually plan to start a non-profit cat rescue shelter someday. Just a small one. That is great that you found such a nice place to support.
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Bravo for your efforts to help out these cats in need! Sometimes the best way to help is by supporting those who have the time, space, etc. but lack the funds. I do feel that adopting is best, but am beginning to realize that it's not the reputable breeders that create the problem of pet overpopulation. I was looking up the breed "California Spangle" and what gorgeous cats My sister solved her dilemma about owning 2 purebred, expensive Persians by taking in a rescue from Persian rescue; her last Persian passed at 21 years old, and now she has 5 cats, all rescues; 2 from CA, and 3 from TN, that she adopted so that her local shelter would have more space for the Katrina cats. Cat lovers are such wonderful people
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Don't beat yourself up about buying purebreds... it's probably going to be better for the cats in the long run that you did, because now you're motivated to help rather than saying, "Oh, I did my part because I adopted a shelter cat" and leaving it at that.
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Hi I'm in Maine and wanted some info on paws I have never heard of them. Do they have a web site?
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Hi Gardencats,
Here's the best I can find right now. I know I was reading more about them somewhere, But I can't seem to remember.

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Wow!! I am glad you found a shelter to help support.And their adoption rate sounds GREAT!!!
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