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Three 3 week olds

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...and I am having a heck of a time getting them to poo! One will go on his own, the other two I can get all the pee in the world out but they aren't pooping. I know how to do it too but I am getting nothing but pee. They are going to the vet first thing in the morning. How much poop should I be expecting on a daily basis from them?
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Are they eating on their own, Jen? At 3 weeks old and if they are eating a little on their own, they may not poop every day. Or, then again, they may be pooping on their own somewhere and hiding it from you. *grin*
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They are somewhat eating on their own. The healthiest one is just fine, she is a litle porker and pooping very occationally. I have had them two days now and I had two clumps of solid poop. Two clumps period between the three of them. Lots and lots of pee.

The one kitten is very poorly and literally a ribcage and spine with some fur on it. He is in bad shape, very very thin. I spoon or syringe feed him. He will not take a bottle and it ends up a big mess.

The middle kitten is sort of inbetween. He has a little belly and he will sometimes eat on his own and sometimes I have to spoon feed or syringe feed him.

They are being kept in a large plastic bin with a heat pad under it. So it holds the moisture in making it humid, I think that would be good for their stuffy noses and dry noses. If I am wrong correct me please. I know when I am sick I run the humidifier.

They are in that bin most of the time, they mainly sleep. Just today the healthiest one is trying to get out so I may seperate him and allow him more room. They aren't pooping somewhere and hiding it, they are only in that large plastic bin. I originally had them in the bathtub which unfortunately almost killed the smallest one. It was just too cold on the tub despite the blankets I put down.

Man kittens are some work! But that is good to know I don't need to expect poop every single day. I would expect some poop soon from the two sicker ones.

Oh I have some pictures, I will post them in a little bit.
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As much as I hate to discuss poop, we probably should ...

When you say you've seen "solid poop", I am assuming you mean normally formed, color and consistancy. Or do you mean very hard, dry or dark poop?
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It looked completely normal to me. In color and consistancy.
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