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Two of my babies went to their new homes today....

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I am going to miss them so much! Two of the girls went with a family friend. They have a pet pig, a dog, and another cat. I know they'll be taken care of (maybe not be as spoiled as they were with me), but I know they'll be okay. It doesn't change the fact that I'm going to miss them terribly.

Here's the two babies that left me today:

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Good luck to they!I figured you´re devastate! don´t feel sad, they will be love!
I hope they new owners wants to suscribe to TCS! at least to see how´s they are!

Good luck little ones!
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Your kittens were/are all beautiful! I can only imagine how hard it is to let them go, but atleast you are confident they have good homes. Maybe they will send you pictures and updates as they get bigger!?
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I sure hope they keep me updated, if not, when my friend comes to town she'll arrange to have me come over and see them. She said they don't have a working digital camera right now, but that I could call whenever I wanted for an update. Little did she know that if I didn't restrain myself, I'd be calling every single day.

I gave them away to her because I know she'll take good care of them. I got them their first set of shots and a deworming (even though they didn't need it)...

At least I don't have to mourn them all at once... I still have four of my babies to comfort me.
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They're absolute beauties! (All of them!) Congratulations on finding them homes, even though it might tug your heart-strings a bit...
At least you can call for updates, and you'll have to let all of us here at TCS know how well cats can get along with pigs, lol!

*lots of hugs*
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She was only going to take one, but she ended up taking two... so that makes me feel A LOT better. At least they will have eachother, it will make the transition easier on them... at least I hope.... I can't stop looking at their pictures, you'd think they died the way I'm crying about them.
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I'm sorry sweetie. I'm a foster momma as well- i know how hard it can be to say goodbye to those gorgeous little ones when you take care of them all day long and get really attached. What helps me is to know that i found those lovely little ones great homes and that way, i'm able to help more little kittens/cats in need . You did a good thing. Your friend will take good care of them
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I don't know how you do it, Starry... I have considered fostering, but this is too much. I admire all of you so much more now.
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
I don't know how you do it, Starry... I have considered fostering, but this is too much. I admire all of you so much more now.
I've done it soo long that I don't know how "not" to foster. It's addictive....on the rare occassion that I don't have a kitten in my house- i really start to miss the smell of kitten formula and baby wipes. OMG can you imagine when I have children how bad that will be lol.I can't wait! / On that earlier note, i have a funny story for you- Last night I went to Colin's after feeding the kittens....Well after we had gone to sleep, he said I woke up, went into the kitchen and started playing around with the microwave....apparently when he asked me what i was doing I told him i was warming up kitten formula- at that point he really woke me up and and reminded me that I was at his house and my mom had the kittens for the night. I guess i'm just soo used to those midnight and early morning feedings that I wake up automatically lol (my mom "babysat" them for me last night so I could spend some time with Colin- so it was the first night i've been away from them since i've been fostering them). / I know you miss those beautiful kittens- but they went to good homes. I promise it will get easier with time.
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I would be a terrible foster Mom too.....I give you all credit. I couldn't give them up, I just know it.
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Such little cuties! It sounds like they went to an animal loving home. It is great that they went together.
girlsetsfiyah, you were wonder if cats and pigs got along. My sister has had several pet pigs, and they all loved the cats. A cat that lived in their building had kittens, and the pig would lay around and let the kittens crawl all over her. She would knock on the people's door to let the kits out on to the community screened porch. She was very upset when the kits went to their new homes. One of my sister's cats was her buddy, and they would cuddle together and share treats. I have heard many stories about pigs and cat being firends.
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