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A Cute Pair.

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My wife and I just picked up a black male kitten his name is Coal. We have two other cats Lacy & Cody. Introducing the kitten has been pretty easy for Cody. Lacy on the other hand his been hissing and hiding. Which is pretty much the same behavior when we introduced Cody to her, I know she'll get over it by tomorrow. She used to poop herself she was so scared of Cody. Anyway, Cody has always been the greeting cat and the I've missed you cat to anyone that visits us. He needs to be held, he needs lots of attention, and A list treatment. Hes simply a great cat and I consider him a good good friend. So when introducing Cody to 7 week old Coal. The minute he saw him he began sniffing him out and following him around. Within a matter of hours Cody was helping Coal cover his waste, he helps bathe him, he plays with him, share feeding bowls, protects him when Lacy hisses (Cody will literally chase Lacy throughout the house), runs to his aide when he cries. I think its awesome that Cody turned out this way, its amazing. The kitten was really unsure at first about the whole idea of other cats, but Cody has seemed to solidify that everythings going to be A-OK. The two are inseparable I really hope it stays that way.

BTW, Lacy gets the same attention as Cody. We don't treat our cats any different. Lacy is jusy Lacy. Shes a sweet cat, but shes a scaredy cat. You can drop a pen on the floor and before it hits the floor shes hiding in your arms.

But I figured I'd share good cat behavior!
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That sounds SO familiar - at the risk of repeating this (to other members), when we brought our tiny 'baby' home last year to live with our 2 male and one female cats, we were most worried that one of the males, very macho and possessive of me, would demolish the baby. One day the baby saw him down the hallway and took off before I could stop him, launched himself full tilt at the big one, and lo and behold, the big one just lay down, opened his arms and held on! They've been best friends ever since.. the baby's the one who got the older one to not be afraid of our dogs (who he also loves, to the dogs' confusion!) anymore, and it's just terrific!
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