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Mexican Hairless Dog. Mia :)

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This is my first foster dog ever. I am so lucky to have such a good girl for my first time. I've been through many many kittens.. but no dogs.

Mia (I shortened it from Acumia), is a three year old Mexican Hairless. She was previously used in a puppymill and had been abused. Someone rescued her 10 months ago... but gave her up to us after trying for the past 10 months to housebreak her. Us being Pets/Friends For Life, the cat rescue. Thoguh we do take dogs if there is a foster home available. Or like Soda Pup, an emergency.

She is a very nervous, timid dog. But once she gets to know you, then she lvoes you.

I find that she bonds to mainly one person.. as she will follor me all over the hosue, but won't follow anyone else.
Or when we get home from being out for a bit, she will jump all over me, but not evenbat an eye at anyone else.

She has pooped in the house about 5 times now.. I am trying to rid her of that issue.. but I don't know how successful I will be.

She sleeps in my bed with me, under the covers. Since she has no hair to keep her warm

She and Orion did get into a bit of a tussel the other night.. she was bouncing around and Orion didn't like it and attacked her.. she ended up with a few cuts and a little bite on her head.. but I've been cleaning it and keeping an eye on it for infection.

Here are some pictures.

Mia and Apollo, my dog.

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That is such a hard habit to break. I wish you and Mia the very best of luck!!! Behind her eyes you can see such a weary soul!
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Mia is such a cutie...poor little girl to be treated like that. Thank you for giving her a chance.

Please be patient with the housebreaking issue. Use praise and treats to reward her whenever you see her potty outside. Basically approach the issue as if she were a little puppy. Get her on a feeding and elimination schedule so that you can kind of predict when she'll need to potty. That way you can time it better and get her outside to eliminate. If she's pooping throughout the house, you should limit her to the kitchen or some area that's easy to clean up when you can't be there to watch her. Feeding her a high quality dog food should reduce the amount of waste she produces.

Do you know if she was kept crated 24 / 7 at the puppymiller's place? That could be one reason she's having trouble with the potty issue. She might have been so used to sitting in her own waste that she doesn't react to normally. You might want to contact a breed-specific rescue to see if anyone has additional pointers for you on training or socialization.

Good luck!
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What a sweet girl!!!!!! My sis has a chinese crested- so i'm love little naked dogs! He actually looks quite similar to your little mexican hairless! What a sweet girl! I'm soo glad she has you as a foster mommy! She will housetrain eventually- just be patient and consistent. There's an excellent section in "Dogs for Dummies" on housetraining...I highly recommend it! You can check it out at your local libary or purchase it! It is a wonderful book and covers a wide variety of topics! Good luck! Mia is a sweetie Also- if her skin gets dry- Aveeno is safe to use on it . Non-toxic Sunscreen is good too if she'll be outside for her walks. Good luck!
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What a doll baby!! Can I have her??
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