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some questions...

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I just wanna say that I'm happy that I found this site because I am in love with my two beautiful siemse cats. One is a boy his name is tigy which is about 7...and the same parents and a litter later we bought a girl whos name is trixy and they get along great always have. But what my concern was and what I wanted to see was if anyone knew why: well she really doesnt go by anyone else, only me and she is VERY attatched to me. Like when im not upstairs they sit and they cry ( because we have a dog so ever since we got the dog, the cats stay upstairs all the time.) anyways, when im upstairs, they have to be in every room im in, and if not they cry...they have to be in the bathroom when im taking a shower, and they have to sleep in my room...they NEVER sleep in any other room, and not only in my room but they bolth lay on me, everynite...and another concern I have is the male, he will go into the hall way or walk around at night and just sit an meeeyoow...and my parents get pretty mad because its like the cry of death. and sometimes he'll just in my room and do it. anyone know why? I'm just wondering why the cats really only like me in the house, I mean more the girl then the 7year old male...she doesnt like anyone else...if someone walks in the room, she runs...??
well I thank anyone who responds, and thanks for listening...

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Well, if there's something wrong, there's also something wrong with my Siamese cats. They are very attached to me, sleep with me every night, and are nowhere to be seen when company comes. If there's only one person, they will come out; curiosity gets the best of them. However, if several people come, they wait until I'm alone before coming out. My male also cries like that, not every night, but occasionally. At first I thought there must be something wrong, but as soon as I call him, he comes running. He has done that for four years now, so I don't think there's anything wrong. If you are truly concerned, however, it is worth a trip to the vet to ease your mind and be absolutely certain.
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The cats are very attached to you much more so that usual but not all that strange. They probably sense that you are a cat lover and perhaps feel that the other humans are not so loving toward them. There is probably not much that can be done...a trip to the vet might help but cats are stubborn and once behavior pattern is established they can not easily be changed. Unless this is causing problems with like parents or siblings I would just enjoy the loving attention of your cats. Some people just have a way with cats. My four year old acts as if the hates everyone else but me...let us know how things are going don
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