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Weird sucking/licking problem

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My cat Tigger has suddenly started this weird habit of sucking/licking stuff...well like my blanket and me and sheets....its loud as well as its not just a lick like the others lick stuff sometimes but a loud sucking which annoys me no end esp. as he seems to do it at night and keeps me awake...he didnt do it before though sometimes with dry munchies instead of munchin he sucks them!!! almost like he forgets how to chew...i dont know what is the problem and why he has started doing this.

any ideas???
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I am wondering how early these kitties were taken from their mother.
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Hi, our kitten does this, we thought it was normal just a comfort thing. She is well adjusted other than this, though she does bite quite a lot, which we are trying to stop. I think she is just playing though; it's rarely very aggressive.
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think they were about a mnth old when they were taken from their mummy...the mummy cat lives downstairs as she belongs to my landlady but the landylady didnt want the kittens and she had shut them in a big bird cage and they had eye infections and were being neglected thats why i took them in
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They are far too young to have left their mum

Heres a link for you to read because it gives you information on what to feed kittens so young because they really need more nourishment.

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apart from this prob the 2 of them r fine and healthy

sparky has no probs and is built like a truck now even tiggers ok just developed this weird habit all of a sudden
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