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My kitten drinks HUGE amounts of water!

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I have another 8 year old cat and my fiance has a 2 year old, so we both know a few things about cats, and we've never seen anything like this! Our new Babycheeks drinks everytime she walks past her bowl! (True, she only has dry food now as she's had diarrhoea problems) We are having her tested for diabetes in a week's time, as her vet suggested, but I'd like some other opinions in the meantime, please, or I might get worried sick! Please tell me there are other cats who do the same!
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How old is the cat in ???
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She's 9 weeks old
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9 weeks should still be with mommy cat/// most cats on a dry food diet drink 4-6 ounces of water per day ( or they should)... Was she a stray cat??
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No, she wasn't stray. Just went to check her bottle, she's drunk about 16 ounces in 2 days
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I also have a kitten who drinks ridiculous amounts of water. When I called the vet to ask about diabetes testing they told me it was highly unlikely. I still think it may be a problem and I'm going to have him tested anyway. Does your kitten act normal otherwise?
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A bit hyper, but I suppose that's alright for a kitten. She has loads of dry food too, she eats as much as my other grown cat!
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My Ducky as a kitten would drink A LOT of water ..... hes 3 years old and still does .... and his health is great .....
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Zissou drinks about a cup of water every two-three days. Always has, whether eating wet or dry. I think she just likes water!

Anyway, I agree that you should have some tests run on your cat, because Zissou drinks a ton for a cat and yours is drinking more than twice as much. I would be really concerned as well.

Although, she is honestly so young that she might not really be weaned yet, and is used to a liquid diet. Have you considered a little bit of KMR or something in addition to the dry food? What is causing the diarrhea?
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my cats drink LOTS of water, i havnt measured it but now im curious exactly how much they are drinking.

cats on dry food will likely drink more than cats on wet food.
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Yeah if your cat is only eating dry food, she is going to be very thirsty and drink more water. There is barely any moisture in dry food. There is always the argument of which is better dry or canned, but I feel canned is. Cats are carnivores and most dry foods are just filled with grains. You could try feeding her canned food as well and I'll bet she'll drink less water.
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