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Does anyone own one or have a familiarity with them? Forgive me if im Spelling this wrong!
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Having rex and knowing a lot of devon rex/sphynx breeders, I'm pretty familiar with them. What in particular do you want to know?
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I have recently acquired a Sphynx kitten, so I am very new to the breed, but I can already see what kind of a personality he has... and it is HUGE .
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I have a 4 yr old male sphynx who is the cat's meow! He is the most incredible cat on the planet and we love him dearly. He is like a dog, monkey and child in a nekkid kitty body. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask.
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I have six of the wonderful hairless babies and also show through CFA. If you ever have any questions feel free to IM me.

Make sure to post some pictures!!!!
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They are just so unique looking...and I have heard such good things about them!!!! Do they fare well with other household cats? Do they aquire a "down" fur at all? do they take well to one person or will they favour both people in the household?
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I think the only little bit of fur on them, might be on the ears, legs - not sure. But I DO know that they are NOT hypo-allergetic either! If you are allergic to saliva, then you will be allergic to the sphynx too.

I'm not allergic to cats/saliva, but I handled a friend's sphynx and my hands broke out. I immediately washed them with soap/water and all was fine.
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My kitten has a very little hair on his ears, nose and tail . So cute!! As for the rest of him, he feels like a sticky kind of a peach fuzz and he is always SO warm to the touch. He is friends with everyone and if he could be cuddled and held 24/7 his life would be purrrfect . They seem to have a very in-your-face type of personality.
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I currently own 2 of this wonder cats. They are simply amazing and I absolutley love them. Their names are captain Jinx of the starship Sphynx and Xandrias Grand Chamois.

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