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Crocodile Man dead at 44

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So sad, he will be missed very much. Prayers for his wife and little ones.
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I just saw the news - very sad for the wife and kids. Can't say I'm surprised, though, only in the way that it actually happened. You flirt with the world's most deadliest creatures...a barb to the heart can happen.

Children's TV has lost a hero at much, much too young an age. Rest in Peace, Steve Irwin. May you happily chase gators forever where you are now.
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That is so sad. They were such a devoted couple with lovely childrern. I cannot imagine the loss she must be feeling.
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That was such shocking news, and my heart goes out to his family and friends. It's so ironic that a man who spent so much time among dangerous creatures should be killed by one normally considered placid and relatively harmless. His enthusiasm will certainly be missed by millions.
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There was an episode on Crocodile Hunter where he talked about his dead dog. I cried for an entire episode. He is a wonderful man.
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That was very sad to hear. He did great things for the animal world. He helped educate a lot of people about animals. He will be sorely missed. RIP Steve Irwin. Prayers go out to his family.
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That's so sad, but doesn't it figure that he would go in such a strange way. But he was doing what he loved. He will be missed.
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I am heart broken the animal world has lost such a passionate man. I feel Steve Irwin was a strong link to wildlife and humans. I feel terrible for his children and wife. I am really just at a loss of words.
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You know, I've been kind of getting irritated with some of the media I've been listening too since his death. The two stations that I've heard talk about it on the radio during my driving have both made fun of them. One got some nasty letters regarding it (and I'm sure the other will soon) and the announcer was really defensive saying yea he felt bad for the family, but the guy was just plain crazy for messing with nature.

Then the other radio station made a joke about it sayinig that his family decided to play his favorite song ABC's Poison Arrow through my heart. I was really disgusted by that last bit when I heard it this morning.

Sure Irwin seemed crazy and all, or seemed to be, but think about how close he got to the wild, how he was able to understand (for the most part) how to get in touch with the unfamiliar. There is always going to be that risk whenever a pioneer does something "crazy" or "stupid".
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This is so sad. My sincere sympathy goes to his family and friends, and especially to his wife and young children.
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I understand that a bootleg copy of the videotape, showing the incident, is out on the Internet. I hope they get the creep, who provided it and shut down the website, that's posted it.
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Sheesh! Somebody's got to sensationalize everything, don't they??
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thats appalling
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I'm also very upset about this...all I can say is that I hope he's happy going out doing what he loved. His family is in my thoughts and prayers, how sad.
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