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Needy cat

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Help! My cat is one of those needy cats, he has to wake me up just to play at 3-4am and lately Ive taken to locking him out of the bedroom, I dont want to do that, but I do need my sleep. What can I do? He attacks me if I ignore him, hes always been like this. Is there any way I can help him to learn not to do this, and wait til morning, I dont want to punish him by having to close the door on him, because he absolutely hates to be alone.
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I do not know how old your kitty is, but sometimes they outgrow some of this play time behavior! You should try playing with kitty before bed time really hard for an hr or so and that might make him sleep a little longer. A few of mine like to sleep with me too - and it is great!
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Try having an interactive play session with him with a fishing pole type toy a bit before you go to bed. Make it last about 10 minutes, with him getting lots of chances to run and leap. That will hopefully tire him out some and maybe satisfy him so he doesn't wake you in the middle of the night. Also, feed him some canned cat food late in the evening. My cats tends to take naps after a "stick to the ribs" meal, which dry food is of no comparison.

Even though it is hard to ignore him when he "attacks" you in the middle of the night, try harder to ignore him. Have a heavy blanket on the bed that you can get under so he won't be able to scratch you. If you can manage to be soooo boring night after night, he will eventually give up on you when the lights are out, though he might try harder for a few nights just to see if that will work. Try not to let it. Just be sure to play with him when you are awake during "normal" hours.
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