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Shiny Coat

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My kitty Astrid's adult coat is coming in very thick and pretty, but it isn't as shiny as it was just last month. The only difference is her wet food, switched from Wellness/Fancy Feast to Blue Spa Select for cats. She is eating the same dry food. I brush her a couple times a week.

She seems fine and healthy and other than some hairballs doesn't have any other health problems. Has anyone found that changing a food will have an effect on the cat's coat for good or bad?
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Yes, changing the cat's food will affect its coat! You did not mention the dry food that you are feeding your cat, but you might want to either eliminate it completely or else switch to a premium brand.

I have a cat with food allergies who will not eat wet food (at least not 'quality') so I'm feeding her Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner.
Gizmo's coat is unbelievably soft, she feels like a chinchilla! (and she's just an ordinary short haired moggie).

The high protein count in a premium food and the addition of omega fatty acids will result in a lustrous coat. I think that the changes are also 'on the inside' since Gizmo's heart examination had 'normal' heartbeats in June, while the heart skipped a beat at an earlier exam when she was not on the food.

I can highly recommend good quality food in both wet and dry. The cat eats less of the high protein food since there are no fillers, so the cost evens out.
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also, since your cat has hairballs, I'd brush her every day and definitely change or eliminate the dry food.
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She is eating Blue Spa Indoor Cat and Nutro Complete Care Kitten in a 75/25 ratio. I thought Blue was one of the better brands - if she had her way it would be Fancy Feast and Cat Chow which she was getting in foster. I tried Wellness, but no go - I ended up donating it to the shelter. I also hadn't realized that dry was not good for a coat and/or hairball problems. I really wonder if I could get her to eat an all wet diet.

And I will brush her every day now. Thanks for info.
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compare linoleic acid or omega 6 amounts and youll see your trouble

Natural choice kitten has 4%
Blue spa indoor is 2% ...

Not all cats need 4% some do fine on three or three and a half ... you also went from not great in the grain amounts to very heavy
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Wow - I looked so carefully for a cat food with decent ingredients and a good price.

So, I guess the Blue dry is not so great after all. I just hate having to try another food again, she just got over some tummy upset/hairball episode. Dang!
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I am learning to read like a cat ... IF a food sounds like I would like to eat it I put it back for the cat ... Cats wouldnt choose grains they like meat and lots of it , unfortunately for dry eaters theyll get alot of grain in some of the better foods evan...
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Well, I have to admit that I haven't been thrilled - just OK- with the Blue even though she does eat it. So far from what I can tell her favorite dry is Nutro Complete Care Kitten and Pet Promise and her favorite wet is Fancy Feast.

I am reluctant to introduce yet ANOTHER new food to her so soon. But I am noticing that she scratches more (not fleas or ringworm, but maybe dry skin) and grooms more intensely as if she is trying to get at something bothering her. As I have already said, her coat quality isn't as good as it was - it is dull and separates. I thought it was because she was shedding her kitten fur and it was getting thicker. She has a very unusual short/long coat thing going on.

So, is it possible to find the best food that is right for your cat and what does it take? How many should I try? Right now after some research I am considering the next attempt with INNOVA EVO or CALIFORNIA NATURAL - they seem to have a high degree of protein and lots of linoleic acid without by products and corn meal. Any comments?

How much/often did it take to find the best food for your cat?
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Kandie it took 14 years before she took to premium and she did well on Max cat ..

Zoey eats Natural choice Kitten( one meat two proteins and one grain works for her) ( If I had my way she would get 50 natural choice 50 cal natural ) ... With her I tried about 5 ( she tried cal natural ( doesnt like the shape) , EVO ( disaster for her tummy) Premium edge kitten( I didnt like an ingrediant in the adult ), Chicken soup ( just didnt like and tummy couldnt handle ) Max hairball ( doesnt like the shape) ...

May I ask what was wrong with her mix??? Did she not like it ?? Or was it corn deritives??

I tried about 20 dog foods some worked but the dog eats 90% raw 10% canned

My older cat is challenging me now with allergies, she eats canned and raw

Zoey eats dry with some canned ... vet says canned and raw would be better but her coat is good and she is happy and healthy so I am sticking with this
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I guess I still have some options. Right now she is eating the dry well, the wet not so much. I am going to get to where this batch of food is almost up and start switching over gradually.

She doesn't seem to have a problem with corn since it was in her prescription diet, which suprised me. I can you there is no way she would only eat wet. She damn near starved herself when I was feeding her only the wet prescription. She drinks plenty of water so I don't mind that she eats the dry.
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you may try "less quality " wets./.// Ie some fancey feast and meow mix es are quite good ...
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You know, I tried one of those new Fancy Feast special blends as a treat this weekend and she dove in head first and didn't come up for air. She loved it! So, perhaps a high quality dry and some Fancy Feast.

Since starting this thread I noticed she is grooming more and seems itchy in addition to her dull coat. Today I stopped the Blue dry and I am giving her Nutro only which she likes and did well on (she also ate around the Blue dry and ate mostly the Nutro - I think besides the taste she liked the size of the kibble). I hope it helps. She still eats very little of her wet. But she does drink well so I am not worried about that.

Thanks for all your input. It is so great to have people to "talk" to about my kitty.
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IMO if her coat was better on the other food - switch her back.

My cats are on Iams and Ling has the shiniest black coat I've seen in a long time
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The research continues. I guess I am looking for a cat food with high protein, easy to digest and with higher levels of linoleic acid. So far, California Natural seems to fit the bill. Someone is giving me a couple of baggies of Innova and Cal Natural to try to see which she likes.

In the meantime, I am going to be brushing her frequently to see if I can bring back some luster to her coat. It was so glossy!
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I think it's just a matter of finding a combination that will work the best for your cat.

Miya is perfectly happy to eat the dollar stuff, but after many a trial and error, I discovered Meow Mix dry and wet food (Market Select) is the best combination for her. Her coat is very shiny, her shedding has reduced significantly and she doesn't stink. (With certain foods, she's tends to be gassy).
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California Natural is terrific. My cat got a bright shiny coat on this diet and she loved the food. Unfortunately since she is allergic to chicken she bloated up and added nearly a she now eats Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner (which I also recommend highly.) Her coat is like mink!

Both the brands you have chosen are good. Good luck.
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