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Driving me crazy!!! Literally...

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A lady i knew gave me a mamma cat and her five 1 week old kittens. I just got my first cat about 3 months ago but other than that I've never had a cat before, let alone 5 kittens too!! Well, the mom cat is acting very strange. She is refusing to use the litter box!! She goes number 1 and number 2 everywhere else BUT the litter box. I have changed the litter, gotten a new box, and changed the location. I just do not know what I am going to do- my husband is getting very very fed up. If anyone has ANY advice that can help, it would be appreciated!

Also, her nipples are very red and inflamed looking, I dont know if this is normal?
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i would take the cat for a checkup if i were you just to make sure everything is OK but i think the red nipples are from the kitten feeding as they suckle on her nipples, and also make sure there is enough kitty litter in the box or she won't use it, at least 5 centimeters, my cat had this problem aswell, she would poop on my bedsheets and it stank when i first tried to make her to use the litter tray i didn't put enough because they need enough to bury the toilet so try this and see if this works, if not, put the cat in a small room with the litter tray in there and make sure there is nothing that you don't want covered in toilet and leave her in there for a while, just make sure you check up on her often.
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She probably wants her own box, not the one your other cat's using (and you should always have at least one box/cat, if not an extra, anyway).
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